Landlord wants us to split the heating bill

Landlords always know how to make the experience of renting absolutely horrible. It never fails. I live in a single family home with a basement that has been converted into a separate apartment with its own entrance. The basement is fully connected to the main level but is separated by a door that is locked from the inside. The landlord recently had a family move into the basement apartment. They are a couple with a baby. The whole house shares one thermostat and is heated by gas. For the past couple years, we have kept the thermostat set really low in the wintertime to save energy. We have to pay our own heating bill and we really can’t afford to keep the place toasty all winter long. Well, the new family that moved in doesn’t seem to care about that and asked the landlord to set the thermostat higher. The landlord controls the thermostat. It has a lock on it actually that only the landlord can access. Previously, the landlord has been really nice about letting us choose the temperature. Now, he seems to be favoring the new family who just moved in. The heat has been blasting for the past month so that the basement apartment stays really warm. We just got our first utility bill and it’s over two hundred dollars higher than it normally is during the winter. And the landlord wants us to split it equally with the people who live in the basement! I am calling the landlord later to demand we get a separate thermostat or utility bill. This is entirely unfair!

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