I can’t believe this pizza

A few days ago, my partner said that it would be a fantastic time for the two of us to have a bit of dinner together.The two of us had not had dinner together in quite some time, due to our busy schedules had not been matching. I readily agreed with my wife’s decision, and ask her where she thought that the two of us should spend our evening. She thought that it would be fun for all of us to go to a place that we had never been before. We had not seen this place since it had open, so the two of us would enjoy the place together for the first time. The two of us ordered all of our food including chicken piccata, veal parmesan, and chicken Kiev. We ordered a few drinks and appetizers and waited for our food to arrive. My wife and I both commented on the Ambiance inside of the restaurant, as it seemed to be very authentic Italian. The indoor air quality also made the place feel like Italy, because it was quite monkey and warm inside. Even though the place was a new establishment, it didn’t seem like they had a new HVAC system. If the HVAC system was brand-new, then it didn’t seem like they were using it at all. My partner decided to flag down the nearest server, and ask them about the HVAC settings. They apologize for the poor indoor air quality, and offered to find out if they could adjust the HVAC thermostat for our zone of the restaurant.

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