I really want my home to be tested

My boyfriend Marcus works full time for a radon company. I have asked my guy to explain to me quite a few times what he does, but I never seem to get it… Radon is a gas that is poisonous that people sometimes remove from their home. Apparently there is a radon device and products that are able to assist with this. Marcus works for a company that specializes in radon! The kicker is that my boyfriend’s company does not take care of radon detection. They don’t set up the detectors in your dwelling, learn the levels and tell you there is unsafe amounts of radon. They do other things. I am guessing what my boyfriend must do is set up the equipment to remove the radon. They must set up the piping and air vents to blow out the radon from the home! So they handle radon equipment installation and removal. I wonder how much that typically costs. I don’t suppose there is a giant market for radon removal. How many people on their own test for radon and then afterwards call a company for this? I suppose the company should expand to detection and perhaps other dangerous home gases also. I just don’t feel there is enough of a draw to radon removal. Although, Marcus is pretty well off, works full time and regularly seems to be busy. So there has to be more of a market for radon technology than I know of! Perhaps I am the only woman that is completely knowledgeable and lazy when it comes to radon. I have never even tested our home for this gas ever.

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