Keeping a safe home

My partner Cory as well as I recently moved into a new dwelling! My partner is a fixer as well as thoroughly enjoys to get deep into projects! Cory was recently in our basement gutting it as well as making it into a fitness room! While he was taking care of all sorts of construction, he make the decision to test for radon. I really didn’t know radon was a real thing as well as something to test for. It certainly was a good thing my partner was aware as well as thought ahead to test out our home. The two of us had incredibly high, dangerous levels of radon in our basement, and radon is almost undetectable. It is colorless, odorless as well as can only be detected with a distinct detector. If you don’t look for radon in your property, you can easily be poisoned. That is right, radon is seriously a poison. It is actually a cancer causing gas that affects a lot of residents. Cory found it instantly as well as called a corporation that specializes in radon removal. They were able to install piping in our basement as well as a pump looking machine. Basically what it does is collects the radon as well as then pumps it through the pipes as well as out of our indoor air. The upgrade of this radon device was definitely not cheap, but it was vital. It really comes down to this question; do you want cancer or a new device in your basement? That is essentially what my partner as well as I had concluded together. It was horrible to deal with but I am blissful that the threat of radon is no longer in my home. I can’t imagine how awful my situation could have been without my partner. I know for a fact that I never would have found the radon.

radon safety