The heating system was not bad

Last weekend, my guy and I had supper reservations at a new spot in town. It was a cool vegan place that our friends told us about. So, the people I was with and I decided to try it out. All of us made supper reservations for inside, because it is the middle of September here and it is actually pretty chilly. When we arrived a the restaurant, the people I was with and I walked into the nice, warm, heated bar and told the server that we all had a reservation. She said that they had accidentally given our table away; however, we could sit outside under a heater with some blankets and gave us a bottle of wine for free. There were quite a few people outside, and not to kick up a fuss, we agreed. So, the people I was with and I sat outside under the gas furnace and it wasn’t too bad. They also gave us some blankets, which was nice too. We enjoyed our drinks out there, but as soon as our food came out it turned chilly in a matter of minutes, which we hadn’t thought about. It was at that point that the people I was with started complaining about being outside under the heating. The food just wasn’t that enjoyable cold. Also, with chilly food, we started to notice more how really chilly it was outside. We could see inside all the happy guests dining inside under the heat. So, the people I was with and I didn’t stay long–no dessert or extra beer or anything, and we ended up going to a movie instead.

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