The outside weather is tough

I never liked camping, but I actually did a lot of it when I was growing up.  My parents always insisted that I had to go camping when they went, even if I didn’t ever enjoy it.  It was always hot, and there were bugs biting the entirety of the time we were there.  If you wore the awful, smelly bug repellent, it helped, but then your food tasted like its smell.  I also didn’t like how you always reeked of smoke from the fire.  If you wanted to be somewhere dry and warm, you had to be right by the campfire.  I always prayed for massive thunderstorms that would make our parents take us home, or maybe even a blizzard.   I absolutely didn’t care what it was as long as I could get home to a shower, as well as our glorious air conditioning.  I couldn’t believe anyone actually chose to do this on purpose.  As I got older, I gained the right to say no to going camping.  I eventually found out that I liked camping, but only under our conditions.  I needed to have a hotel right by mountainside, with a superb Heating and A/C system inside the rooms.  I would even settle for a superb Heating and A/C system inside of a camper that had a shower with hot running water.   I wasn’t that tough to please, but I really just didn’t want to be bit up by bugs, or needing to sleep in damp sleeping bags on the ground.  I also absolutely didn’t want to stink like wood smoke.  Maybe I am prissy and picky, as my sibling calls me. At least then I am warm and dry.HVAC