This was very fun

Last year I was outside trying to scrub up from Wintertime while getting some new flowers planted.  It was May, & the snow had finally all melted.  My hubby & I were so busy, and we didn’t even notice the hot & cold temperatures had been steadily falling.  I heard the cell phone ring so I answered it.  As I was talking to my mom, she heard an exclamation & asked what was wrong.  It had actually started to snow, & she called me a liar.  I recorded a video, & I sent it to her.  The two of us had huge snowflakes that were starting to stick.  I took all of my yard components up to the house, & I placed them on the porch.  My hubby was right behind.  The two of us turned the temperature up on the temperature control, & we sat down together.  He started to laugh & he told me that this was a sign that we should be seeing that new movie.  We spent that afternoon listening to the furnace and watching the new movie on Netflix.  He was pleased & went to sleep with the heating on his chair.  I was wanting to get outside, but we already had more than two inches of snow. I just decided to curl up on the couch, & take a nap.  Next week, the weather forecasters were calling for hot & cold temperatures in the low seventies, & advertising cooling systems as their current contest prize.

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