Check up on the HVAC

My fiance and I are trying to plan the perfect wedding day, but a big part of that is if the venue has a responsive HVAC system. I want the event arena to be comfortable for everyone. I want to make sure that the site is in a great location and has a dependable Heating and A/C unit. I cannot tell you how many weddings that I’ve been to where it was either too hot or too cold, and I wasn’t able to genuinely relax the entire evening. Our wedding has an outdoor component and I want to make sure that the reception space has a great cooling system that has been well-taken care of. It would be horrible if everybody did not have somewhere to cool off after the ceremony. I have been asking all staff managers if they know anything about how often the Heating and A/C components have their regular maintenance on their sites. This might sound pretty neurotic, although I think these details often get overlooked. My fiance and I will have family and friends from all over the country coming to celebrate with us, and we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible.

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Hoping to get the a/c working again

I live in the desert Southwest & that is why I have to pay close attention to my a/c system.  The hot & cold temperatures here are extreme, and the highs can reach over 100 degrees F on a normal day. It’s crucial that I regularly check my HVAC system to see it’s working well and there aren’t any problems developing. l figured this out the hard way a few years ago when I came home to a completely broken down a/c. It was a shock because the system had been superb the day before.  It had been very hot, so maybe the strain had something to do with it.  I was anxious because I knew that the temperatures were supposed to increase even more that week, so I was forced to stay at a friend’s home until the HVAC serviceman was able to make it out & get my cooling system working again. Since that happened, I regularly make sure I get routine maintenance visits each year. The weather here is wild, so you need to be prepared for these occasions. There are a lot of perks to living in the desert. I think this is one of the most unique  landscapes in the country. I have a great job here, and I have tons of friends as well. I do not want to move anytime soon, but I do need be sure my household appliances are fully functioning. If not for the ability to keep close tabs on my cooling system, life here would be unquestionably miserable & I would certainly have to consider moving away.

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Putting up the security lights

I run my own Heating and Air Conditioning business so you would think that means the heating and cooling in my building is amazing. However, the temperature control is terrible! My building is usually a complete mess. My secretary Emma leaves on the lights every evening so my power bill runs super high. The temperature in our building is never correct because I forget to set the Heating and Air Conditioning regularly. I’ve also forgot to turn on our security camera over the weekend. It is a miracle we’ve not been robbed yet. I talked with this company not too long ago and I think they can men all of these complications. To repair Emma from leaving lights on, we simply take her out of the equation. Apparently there is an automated lighting system that completely handles power. It turns on when you are there, and turns off when you are not. Also the lights dim and brighten based on the time of the day. The lighting control system apparently saves money on electric. For the Heating and Air Conditioning needs, an integrated Heating and Air Conditioning control system can also be set up. This has smart control component installation paired with a program that runs the whole building’s climate control. The program handles it all. It regulates temperature in each room and also adjusts by the afternoon. It leaves myself and others out of it entirely. The integrated security system leaves each of us out of it too. The video surveillance system and security camera runs independently as well. They handle everything and will never neglect their duties. It will cost a lot to get all of these services, but it’s worth it.

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Getting ductwork cleaning

When I moved into my first house I immediately noticed that I was having some allergy problems.  I haven’t had issues in a little while, so I begin to wonder if my new environment had something to do with it. When I mentioned it to my doctor recently, he told me to have a look at my HVAC unit. If the air ducts and the HVAC equipment had not been cleaned out in some time, there was a chance that the climate control system was blowing excess dust and dirt throughout the home. There was also an option that I needed to clean the coils out in the HVAC unit. So, when I made it home, I looked at these things and I found that they looked dirty and he hit the nail on the head!  I cleaned out the coils myself and I called and made an appointment with an HVAC specialist for the rest. I wanted the HVAC worker to clean out the air vents and help me assess any other concerns that might be wrong, too. After having all of this done, I immediately began to feel better. I no longer had to deal with a runny nose or scratchy eyes. I love my new home, and I’m glad that I got to the bottom of what was wrong with my HVAC unit. Now, everything is normal and I can finally settle into my house and be healthy.  I’m lucky to have gone to my doctor and figured out what the complication was with my allergies.

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Is this really different

I had a stupid moment when I first moved into my apartment… I am renting out a house that is worked on by a landlord. The rent is cheap, the space is pretty sizable and my location is prime. However, the house house is in the north while I am actually from the south. So there were a few things that I didn’t understand at first. Like when I found there was no AC in the whole place! All the house had was a massive boiler system. Also the boiler system seemed to be hooked up to this important tank in my basement. I didn’t understand why the boiler was hooked to piping. I also didn’t understand why was my boiler system and piping so accessible? I think plumbing and the Heating, Ventilation and A/C should not mix. I thought that perhaps the company installed the boiler system wrong. Was my heating and piping completely messed up? That whole first week there, I was scared to flush my toilets and let water go down the trails or even use my hot water! Eventually I discovered everything turned out to be fine. When I saw my landlord on Thursday, mentioned the boiler system. The landlord informed me that the boiler system is used both as a water furnace as well as apartment heating. The boiler system is heating water that is stored in my hot water tank. So the hot water I had been using was conveniently heated of the boiler system. Wow, I just felt enjoy a lunatic when I heard that explained to me. I won’t be making that mistake again.plumber

Living with A/C-

I love to visit different countries and learn about different cultures and national customs.  I have seen much of Europe, ventured through South America, and have spent time in 35 of the 50 United States. However, I found it toughest times to be in areas where cooling systems were not used regularly. I noticed that many of the most beautiful but older buildings in Europe did not have centralized HVAC systems. The climate in several areas there is also pretty mild, so this is why they are not dependent on air conditioning systems. This took some getting used to while I was traveling because I sleeping in a cooler environment. In fact, I tossed & turned many of the evenings because I was too warm. I never considered that there were locales that still did not have Heating, Ventilation and A/C units installed & all of their buildings around town. I suppose I was just out of touch by assuming that an air conditioning was something that pretty much everyone had access to in this modern day and age. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy traveling and not having A/C won’t stop me from my adventures. However, I always prefer coming back to my house to the comfort of my own cooling system. The first thing I do when I walk through the door is adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature.  This is a luxury of mine.

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What a mess we ran into

Winter, I ended up with a plumbing disaster.  My husband and I took our family for an extended trip during January.  The two of us spent nearly weeks enjoying the sun and swimming in the ocean.  Before we left, we turned our furnace way down to conserve energy.  We had not anticipated a power failure, which shut down the furnace when the outdoor temperature was down to eleven degrees.  The temperature inside the cabin dropped legitimately hastily.  Without heat blowing from the furnace, or even the warmth of an operating water heater, our basement temperature dropped well below chilly.  Although we had considered draining the water pipes before we left, we ultimately decided against it.  Because of all of these factors, the water pipes got damaged.  Since we did not have anyone checking on the cabin while we were gone, we weren’t even aware of the problem.  At least we enjoyed our trip separate from worry.  We found out quickly that there was a huge problem in our apartment. Because of the disfigure to the pipes, we weren’t even able to stay in the house.  The two of us were forced to rent a hotel for the family, hire a plumbing contractor, and take out a bank loan to cover the repairs.  The majority of our water pipes needed to be replaced.  There was also a fantastic deal of water disfigure to the walls, ceilings, and floors.  The water then created an issue with mold.  The whole ordeal was seriously stressful and very disruptive  Before we take another extended trip, we will take precautions to protect the plumbing system.  The two of us are planning to install a backup generator, which would automatically supply electric and keep our appliances operational in the event of a power failure.  The two of us will install a smart thermostat in our home which will alert us to any severe temperature fluctuations.  And I will also ask a buddy to check in on the cabin while we’re gone.

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I use HEPA filters

       I am not somebody who suffers from excruciating allergies. I usually don’t get sick with the decreasing seasons! This year I have gotten sick a few times and it is truly bad. I have a sore throat, a cough and our nose is stuffed up. I went to the doctor for some medicine and he said it is super pollen in the air, but how unusual that the outdoor air is worse than the indoor air pollen levels! You constantly hear about indoor air pollen levels being way worse than outside. Yes, outside you have pollution, exhaust fumes and waste floating around. Inside your beach apartment you get a lot of unusual debris. Inside the beach apartment is constantly dusty. The dust gets in your Heating and A/C system, air filters and in the HVAC duct. The heating and cooling method then spreads the dust in your air quality to make you sick. The cooling system in your beach apartment frequently develops mold on the cooling coil, but algae can get in the condensate drain. Also, bacteria is constantly on the fan blades. The cooling method then powers up and those harmful particles are in the air quality; however, even with all of that, our outdoor air is apparently worse. What I am supposed to do now? I have invested in UV air purifiers, HEPA filters and HVAC duct cleaning for inside the house. What am I supposed to do for outside of the home? I can’t control how wash that air quality is. I think I just have to suffer through this cold for a bit. Hopefully it does not last too much longer.

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I knew a cleaning was needed

My husband Ben and I are planning to be snowbirds; moreover,  we already have a home down south, and the two of us each took off two months from work. Therefore, from January to March the two of us will be living in our southern apartment in the heat. Ben and I are excited to get away from the snow and bone-chilling high winds.

However, our concern is that we have never left our home for that length of time. We are worried about the plumbing and HVAC system in our home. The plumbing is ancient and has never been left longer than  a week. Ben thinks that if he drain all of the pipes, and he empties out all of the water in our home, it will stop a major plumbing disaster from happening.

When there is water in the piping, the water could come out and leak into our home. This would then cause major water destruction. Also, leaking water harms the plumbing fixtures in a home, so Ben is planning to drain the pipes and turn off the hot water tank. This way there is no water to create a larger plumbing crisis in the future.

Additionally, the two of us agreed to leave the heat in the house at 55 degrees. Having a little bit of heating in the home will keep our pipes from icing over and cracking. Not only is a warm house advantageous for the piping and fixtures, it aids all other devices in the home. We are hoping this will be enough. We are worried though. The last time the two of us left for a week, the water that came out of our pipes was rusty colored for a week.

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High working a/c system

       Everybody always says that older people want more heating; however, they crack their oil heating systems all year long as well as can’t lay A/C, but say that is a load of bull since our Grandpa likes his home at arctic conditions. He has a heater, I have seen it. I just never have seen that oil heater turn on, even for a hour; however, my Grandpa basically runs his cooling system all year long. He doesn’t even own a traditional cooling system either. My Grandpa uses a high velocity cooling system system. This A/C system does use HVAC duct to cool the whole home, but a weird kind. Traditional HVAC duct is about five inches wide. The high velocity A/C air ducts are half the size, and these air ducts are flexible as well as pliable. The Heating and A/C ducts can fit in older homes with no mess. Also, the HVAC duct is less likely to need HVAC duct sealing. The high velocity A/C ducts are tough as nails. The actual cooling system system is tough too. It got its name because of how fast it can provide cooling. The system turns on as well as whips the A/C through the tiny ducts in the home. The a/c technology boasts at lowering a whole home’s temperature in under ten hours. The A/C component can do it too, I have felt it. My Grandpa always has that A/C system blasting! Even I can’t take the severe A/C in his house. I would appreciate if he got even a tiny bit cold. It would be nice to not have that powerful A/C always on when I visit.  

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