Aged house and their HVAC

My son’s fiance needed to drive across the city for the day, in order to visit her old home.The home was on the market, because my son and her were going to buy a new home together! I had never visited her home, and decided to give her some company on the  two hour drive there and back. When I arrived at the home, I immediately observed the age and architecture of the home. It had been a genuinely long time since I had seen a home this old, but most of the homes in our neighborhood are new construction, or less than a few decades old. This unique   house was built in the early 1920s, and there were a lot of amazing things to see in it. There were original knobs on the windows and doors, and beautiful details and all of the woodwork. Throughout all the various levels of the home, the craftsmanship of the woodwork was astounding. They must have had a masterfully skilled carpenter in order to build these beautiful pieces of art. My daughter to be was showing me all of the unusual parts of the house, and I was intrigued by the ventilation system. She said that her mother had installed a ventilation  system in the house, in order to combat the humidity during the warm season heat waves. The ventilation system still did the job genuinely well, and she turned it on to show me how it worked. I was completely amazed to see such a new ventilation system in this older home, and as she showed me around the house, the ventilation system continued to run in the background. It was much quieter than I had anticipated.

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