Ductless a/c assistance

I was talking to our kid the other day. She has had a job for a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier lately, helping to update their website. She is entirely fantastic at what she does, and she does a lot of research about the subject she is trying to showcase. I was thinking that maybe she could get some information on the mini-split HVAC device that her dad had been talking about. We were entirely nervous about the need for a heat pump during the Winter season. We live where the Winter seasons can be entirely brutal. The wind buffets our house, and subzero temperature are more normal than not. She told myself and others she would talk to a Heating and Air Conditioning tech and see what kind of information she could get, and then send it to me. I knew I could have gotten the same information if I were to go to a our trusted local Heating and Air Conditioning companies, although I honestly wanted to hear her voice. It had been lonely since she moved to the south. She got myself and others more information than I could have guessed existed. My loving husband and I went over a lot of the information. We were surprised that such a small device could be so powerful and efficient, and both of us were thinking that this would be the way to go. We started down that path, but found that the heat pump could need back-up if the weather got too cold. We are now back to the first phase, and trying to come up some other viable ways to handle heating and air conditioning, even if neither of us have ruled out the mini-split yet.

ductless multi split