Heating for my climate

I live in some of the coldest temperatures in the country. Oftentimes it feels like it’s well below zero especially with the windchill factor, but I have gotten used to it after a while here. There are a few things that I absolutely need to survive this freezing temperature though. First and foremost, I need a heated blanket in every room ready for use along with extra warm slippers. My feet get so cold being in the snow all the time that they turn ghost white. Second, for the same reason, I need a solid pair of thick gloves with hand warmers. I love those extra large warm mittens because I can layer the gloves. However I’m happy with anything that helps keeps me warm, bare hands just won’t cut it. Next, I need a substantial winter sweater and scarf. I wrap myself up to make sure little to no bare skin is being shown to the dire elements. Last but not least, I need my heating units. I need the heat running in both my car and my home of course. I use a oil furnace as well as a traditional HVAC system that provides heat throughout the whole house. I also have a portable furnace that puts out additional heating for when I’m out in the garage. One year I had my boiler break down in my home, and it was awful. Luckily, I’m extremely prepared and used to the cold so I had enough backup methods of keeping warm to get by. Between my winter gear and my backup heaters, I was all set while the technician did the oil furnace repair. They are quite used to being such a valued asset around this area. I do hate the cold, no matter how used to it I get.

HVAC system