Feeling sick on a trip

There’s nothing quite as miserable as feeling under the weather while traveling, especially when it’s in the name of a major holiday. Being in unfamiliar surroundings while feeling sickly is extremely difficult, because you can’t achieve the highest level of comfort possible. At least when you’re at home you can augment the lighting and air temperature settings to reach your optimal comfort, so even though your nose is running, your hands are shaking, and your head feels like exploding, you are at least enjoying the perfect air conditions for your particular needs. None of this is the case when you stay at someone else’s house. You don’t have all the comforts of home or the complete control over the thermostat. In fact, you likely have no say in the air conditioner and furnace controls at all. This can be particularly difficult, especially when feeling feverish. All you want is to be able to alter the air temperature around you in order to alleviate some of the physical discomfort of burning up or freezing cold. Add a major holiday and traditional family gathering to the mix, and the situation becomes even more complicated. Suddenly there is a crowd of people gathered around, each with their own particular temperature preferences. It’s already draining enough to be in such an energetic social situation, and finding personal comfort while setting the thermostat to compensate for a party is even more exhausting. How do I know all these particular facts about illnesses and lack of HVAC control? I’m conducting personal research, as we speak.

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