Getting so riled up

I don’t know if I’m the only one here who has anger issues, but I can tell you that you’re better off than I am if you don’t have a similar affliction. To be fair, the anger typically stems from hopeless situations when there’s no chance for resolution, which is quite frustrating as you can imagine. Still, I know that I have a problem and I wish that I was capable of feeling less fiery and keeping myself under better control. I can get so riled up that it’s difficult not to destroy things and screech at the top of my lungs, and the physical ailments don’t end there. In fact, the other day I was so wholly upset that I even thought my furnace was on the fritz. It all started when I was feeling quite unnerved by events at work, and returned home only to find that the HVAC system had been turned off all day long. Somehow our thermostat had been misadjusted in the morning, and the house was freezing cold from the temperature steadily dropping all day long. I altered the thermostat settings and tried to relax, only to open my phone and see another infuriating email from work. Finally losing my mind entirely, I swear my body temperature rose so high that I actually thought the thermostat had begun to pump out lava hot air. I was seeing red, sweating and panting, when I arrived at the temperature control unit and realized that my furnace was fine, but my anger had really boiled my blood.

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