Low heating settings

Heating and Cooling is so much more than just regulating the temperature in the house. Heating and Cooling is linked to the air quality inside your home. If you have poor air quality, it can impact the health, cleanliness, comfort and even budget of the household.   The air quality outside is typically five times better than indoor air.   While there’s dirt and dust floating around outside, there is lots of ventilation.  The sun helps to kill bacteria. Inside the home, the contaminants are trapped.  Although you might spend a whole bunch of time cleaning the house, this isn’t sufficient to protect air quality.  There are sources of contamination in every single room. Pets, carpets, insecticides, garbage, cleaning products, and personal hygiene products all contribute to issues.  It may be necessary to hire an HVAC contractor to diagnose air quality and provide recommendations.  It might be a simple need for more ventilation.  Ventilation systems bring in fresh, outside air without energy losses.  Adequate ventilation combats issues with humidity, fumes and airborne particulates.  You can actually save money by reducing the workload of the furnace.  Ventilation systems accommodate almost any type of HVAC unit and run silently.  The require little maintenance and are the most effective means of improving the health and cleanliness of the home.   There are, however, an abundance of air quality accessories on the market.  Along with ventilators, there are air purifiers, UV lamps, air filters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.  Each type of air quality product targets specific issues.  Severe problems with air quality may require a combination of products.

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