Supplementing heat from gas fireplace with space heaters in home office –

The downstairs of my home is heated solely by a gas fireplace.  The fireplace is extremely attractive, with a large hardwood mantle and hearth, faux logs, and a brick facade.  The heating system is very easy to operate and can be adjusted from a convenient remote control.  For the most part, we are satisfied with the performance of the gas fireplace.  We like the looks of it, and the unit provides a significant amount of heat.  The heating system is quite energy efficient, safe and clean to operate.  The only problem is that the heat is not evenly distributed throughout the various rooms.  It is definitely much warmer and more comfortable in the living room, where the fireplace is located.  Although the heating system features a rather powerful fan, the heat remains concentrated near the fireplace.  I work from a small home office, located just off the living room, and it gets uncomfortably chilly.  Since I don’t want to overheat the living room in order to warm up my office, I have invested in several space heaters.  The space heaters run on electricity and offer quite a bit of heat.  They aren’t the most attractive pieces of equipment, but on super cold days, I don’t care.  I just want to keep warm.  I have also purchased a foot warmer, which also runs on electricity.  The foot warmer is a compact, portable heater which I have placed under my desk.  It gets super hot, and I simply set my feet on it.  Between the space heaters and foot warmer, I am comfortable while I work.  

space heater