AC in new home

Recently, my husband and I looked into purchasing a new home. We wanted to have a bigger space because we thought we might start having children within the next couple of years. We have been looking at several houses, but we have not found one that we think is just right yet. Last week, our real estate agent took us to a house that my husband and I immediately fell in love with. It was the perfect size and in the perfect neighborhood. The only problem with the new house was that it would need a new heating and cooling system. The previous owner refused to replace the outdated HVAC system. I guess they didn’t want to spend the money because it can be quite expensive to replace the entire heating and cooling system. Lucky for us, my brother works for a local HVAC company, and I knew that he would give us a great deal if I called him. He gets commission of the work, and we get the family discount; it is a win win for everyone involved. Right when we left the new home, I called my brother at the HVAC company and made an appointment for the following day. I was excited to get the ball rolling on our new heating and cooling system. I was also happy that fixing the HVAC system was the only major remodel we were going to have to do before moving into our new dream home.

I can’t wait to start decorating and making it feel nice and cozy. Now I just need my brother to come over and start working!

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