Homeowner appointments

At my job, I have two main roles. The first one is going to newly-built homes, before they are sold, and correcting any issues with the cabinetry, whether that means adding trim, replacing faulty doors, adding hardware, or any other issue. The other role is homeowner appointments. With this role, my company sends me to fix any cabinetry issues that the homeowner finds within the time of the cabinets’ warranty. The issues could be something simple like a loose door all the way up to a major problem like water damage. Most of my coworkers prefer working in newly-built homes. I much prefer homeowner appointments, and the reason is very simple. I love air conditioning and heating, and newly-built homes almost never have HVAC installed yet. This means that I am often stuck in a home without air conditioning for hours on end, and I come home covered in sweat. With homeowner appointments, I stay comfortable all day, whether in my truck driving to the appointment or actually at the appointment. Having quality HVAC really makes the difference in whether or not I enjoy my job. I do not mind working hard, but I hate having to do without air conditioning and heating. In my own home, I have a state of the art HVAC system, and I like to have at least some heating and cooling wherever I go. Thankfully, I am the only one at my job who likes doing homeowner appointments, so I get to do them all the time, and my preferences are a benefit both to me and my company!

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