New lifestyle

Last summer, my boyfriend and I decided to take on a construction project together. We wanted to build a tiny house to use for traveling and outdoor adventures. So, we started by designing the layout. After that, we decided what kinds of appliances we wanted to use it. ¬†We decided to use a ductless mini split air conditioner instead of using a portable air conditioner because we heard that these were the best options for tiny homes. We heard right! We really love the mini split air conditioner because it looks sleek mounted on the wall, and it is powerful enough to keep the tiny house perfectly cooled. I’m so glad that we didn’t use a portable air conditioner because this would have taken up a lot of floor space. From what I hear, these also tend to be pretty noisy, this is never a problem with our mini-split A/C. If I had to go back and completely redesign the tiny house, I don’t think that I would change a single thing about it. The layout is functional. It’s the perfect size for two people, and it always feels very comfortable because of the air conditioner we use. We have already taken it on two different trips, and we can’t wait to keep exploring with it. Tiny living is a new trend that I think it’s going to become even more popular as people realize how fun it is. I really love our new lifestyle. I think we very well may end up selling our house and start living in the tiny home year round soon!

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