The Snowstorm

I remember it like it was yesterday. The year was 1967 and it was one of the worst snowstorms ever recorded. I lived up in the northern part of the country and when this thing hit us it was epic. We had fifty mile per hour winds and four feet of snowfall over the course of a week. Everything was shut down and all we could do was wait out the weather in our house. Luckily we had a gas furnace so we didn’t have to worry about freezing from the unforgiving temperatures outside. We also had a generator which we gassed up and had ready to go in advance of the storm. It provided enough power so we could watch some television to pass the time and keep the refrigerator running to keep the food from going bad. Although in hindsight we probably could have just put the food outdoors to keep it cold. Our furnace ran great all the way up to the last day of the storm when it started making an odd clunking noise when it would turn on. We had no idea what was wrong with it but its ability to heat the house was cut tremendously. Once businesses started opening back up we called the local HVAC company and they sent out one of their servicemen to take a look. I guess the entire furnace was just pretty shot by that point from age and use throughout the years. We had to get another furnace which put us back a pretty penny.

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