Got to get the heater ready

I live in a region with really distinctive, however fairly mild seasons.  We care about summers that are hot, but mildly hot, as well as in the Winter, the temperature rarely sees zero degrees or less.  A few inches of snow accumulates from time to time, however it’s never a problem.  This year, but, our Winter has been horrendous.  The temperature plummeted in the middle of October as well as within a few weeks, we citizens had various feet of snow accumulated.  Now, the weather forecast is calling for arctic-like temperatures below zero, extensive snowfall as well as flabbergasting wind chill.  We are preparing for a giant blizzard conditions, which is expected to last more than a week.  I’m anxious over whether or not my aged gas furnace can handle the strain of the blizzard conditions this year.  I take really good care of the gas furnace, however it’s over sixteen years old.  I always have the heating plan inspected by a licensed professional in before winter sets in.  Prior to the beginning of the Winter weather, I have all of the components completely cleaned as well as adjusted.  The Heating & Air Conditioning contractor tightens connections, gels moving parts, as well as verifies the integrity of the heat exchanger.  He checks for any potential problems as well as periodically changes out a few minor parts.  Hopefully, my annual HVAC service contract visit will be enough to keep the gas furnace operating reliably as well as efficiently until we see warmer weather.  I really don’t want to be faced with a furnace death in the middle of  horrific weather conditions.  I can’t survive without heat but also don’t want to replace the whole oil furnace.  I’m sure the local Heating & Air Conditioning contractors will be having a crammed schedule with emergency repair calls, as well as getting repairs will be super hard.  I can’t imagine how challenging it would be to purchase as well as install a furnace or boiler system while in a blizzard conditions.

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