Our office electric heater

I work from my apartment! On most afternoons, I love now working from my apartment. I am completely free and independent. I am a single mom in a secluded town. So, when it snows and school is actually cancelled, I needed to be at the apartment. I used to have to take a day off of work. However, I manage my work from home. And, if I get too busy with hanging out with my kids, I can always make up the hours at night when they are resting. The only concern that I have is the heating unit. It is not practical to heat up the entire house when I am only in one room. I cannot afford to waste money like this So in order to find a solution I decided to invest in zone controlled heating. My desk is located in my home office. This allows me to close the door and only heat this room. I love being able to play with an app on my phone that allows me to heat this room. By doing this, I am being incredibly energy efficient and saving a lot of electricity. The heat even holds quite nice for quite awhile. I was sure that when I got our weekly electricity bill, I would see the higher costs reflected. But, it didn’t go up in the slightest! In fact, the electricity bill went down. It turns out, I honestly was saving so much money on heating by only turning on the HVAC unit for one room instead of every room. I was very excited with this discovering, and I am currently searching for other ways to save money!

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