Puppy stays by the fireplace

My sibling just adopted the most adorable English bulldog puppy, that a person could have ever laid eyes upon. The name of the dog is Millie the Mutt, plus he happens to be several years old. This isn’t the first time that every one of us have had a dog, but it has been a few years. My little sibling adopted him from the pound a couple of weeks ago, plus he has immediately become a member of our family who is so loved. He has black and brown hair, with a spot of white right along the back of his nose. He is one of the cutest puppies that I have ever encountered, plus he is so smart. I happen to be a immense pushover for puppies, plus I feed him scraps from the table too often. He is the most cutest puppy that I have ever been able to play with. He loves to sit right near the fireplace, in the middle of the living room.  In the day, my sibling turns on the fireplace to increase the comfort level of the house, and Millie loves to sit on the shag rug, that is located right in front of the fireplace, however a couple of days ago, I went over to visit my sibling. Millie was kneeling in front of the fireplace as usual. I picked Millie up to provide him a pet, plus I was taken aback by how hot his body was. I told my sibling that he might be lying too near to the fireplace, but she just thought that was hilarious, however she said that Millie spends all day curled up in front of the fireplace, plus only moves to get food or pee. I believe he would move, if the fireplace got too hot.

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