Weird noises with the heater

I hadn’t slept for multiple nights; My heating system was making this annoying clicking noise. My wife sleeps like a rock, so she wasn’t waking up at all… However, I was starting to become desperate. I can’t function well without sleep. I told her to call a Heating, Ventilation and A/C technician to come out to look at the furnace system, but she wasn’t exactly in a rush. After a couple more days of this I finally called the Heating, Ventilation and A/C technician myself. I took the day off to wait for the person to come look at the heating system. I didn’t care how much it cost. I needed that stupid heating system to stop clicking all night long… When the Heating, Ventilation and A/C serviceman arrived at our house, I told him about the problem. He went into the basement and got right on it. It took about an hour for the guy to come back up. He let me know he had to order a couple parts before it could be fixed. I asked him how long that would take and he said that it could be a day or up to a week before the parts arrived. He saw the look of frustration on my face and seemed legitimately sorry he couldn’t get it done sooner. When he left, I was almost in tears. Twenty minutes  later, I heard a knock at the door. It was the Heating, Ventilation and A/C serviceman again. He handed me a couple of earplugs and gave me a little smile. While our heating system won’t be fixed for a while, at least I’ll be able to get a little sleep!

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Plants need my furnace on

I live in the southeast of the country where the Winter seasons are usually mild. I’ll get a couple days each year where the temperature dips pretty low, but fast forward to this year, it’s only early December, and we’ve already had seven days below freezing! I live on five acres of beautiful land and have planted dozens of fruit and vegetable plants. Some plants are still in pots because they are sensitive to cold temperatures. If the weather dips below freezing, I stick them in our shed at night so they stay warm. However, it’s been so cold the last few afternoons I have to put a small space oil furnace in the shed along with the plants to make sure that the temperature inside the shed doesn’t get too cold. It got down to fifteen degrees last night! I ran the little space oil furnace all night long, and it seems to have helped. Now, I am concerned about my electricity bill this month. I am also running a space oil furnace and a heated blanket inside my house on these cold nights, and with several space oil gas furnaces running at once, I’m sure the electric bill is going to at least double this month! In summer, when my husband and I run the cooling system, the bill is not as high as you may think. Space oil gas furnaces use a lot more energy than A/C units. I want my plants to survive, however with winter seasons like this, it’s starting to get overpriced!

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Trying to up the heater

Every one of us had a beautiful Christmas this year, and we had a white Christmas.  Every one of us went to our daughter’s condo, and they had their tree in the dining room.  The oil heating system was set to a pleasant sixty-eight degrees, and the control device to the rest of the condo was set the same.  It was so nice to sit in a house that has a properly functioning Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system.  I visited some siblings who had a very outdated Heating, Ventilation, and A/C.  I almost sneered because my mom has chosen to remain with them over the holidays because they have toddlers, and most people know that toddlers make Christmas completely unforgettable.  At my house, she is always protested about the chilly and wearing her sweater.  It was much colder in my brother’s condo because they set their control device at a much lower temperature.  Mom was wearing her favorite sweatshirt and protesting how cold it was in their condo.  Maybe it is just my condo, or maybe it is the warming hugs that the toddlers deliver to her all the time.  They really do make a massive difference, and if your heart is warm, you’re comfortable all over.  Every one of us have more than 8 inches of snow since then, and I have friends who have had more than 4 feet of snow since Christmas Eve.  They received most of that snow overnight.  They sniggered because he said the snow makes for wonderful insulation, and their heating system isn’t running for as long as before.  I’ll keep my more than four inches, and they can keep their insulation.  My heating system may be running more because of the weather; however, I don’t have to shovel snow that is over my head.

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Heating to the floors

  I consistently dread the approach of the chilly season, as I was born and raised in a sizzling climate. Whenever wintertime rolls around, I long to return to the home of my youth. I still cannot understand people who avidly welcome chilly weather, however they grew up in the chill while I did in warmth.  Still, I live in a chilly region now so I have to find a way to cope.

           My family has a wonderfully working HVAC unit which supplies us heat from a gas furnace. We are absolutely careful about having HVAC techs over on a respected basis to do the necessary checks, cleanings, and tune ups. There is hardly anything worse than having a dead gas furnace in the middle of wintertime. So my family keeps quite toasty in wintertime. But when I visited my neighbour who recently had radiant heat installed in his home, my central heating and cooling hastily began to seem less comforting! Those floors are something else. When you step on the heated floor, it feels as if the warmth radiates through your entire body. It is attractive and feels like nothing else I have ever experienced.

           For years I have been a stay at home mom, although I suppose I am about to seek a job. The rest of the family is comfortable with the air quality offered by our present HVAC system. Therefore, if I want to have radiant heat installed in this house, I think I will have to fund it myself. The wonderful thing is that I think at least a single local HVAC store which provides financing for their products.

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More expensive air filters

After moving up north to our new home, we felt nice and settled thanks to all of our kind and thoughtful neighbors. We couldn’t help but consider ourselves very lucky to be in such a nice community. After our first night in the house, my father came over to help us install the electricity by the following afternoon. After that, we were able to enjoy the fantastic aspects of having a newer home. The main thing was our new HVAC unit.

Almost immediately after turning the system on, it was discovered that the machine was only working minimally. The filter was in need of some serious replacing. My husband and I looked up different types of filters on the Internet only to discover that they were far too many to keep track of. We found something called a HEPA filter, which cleans the air using a fiberglass mat. This was a hospital-quality filter where pristine air was important. We decided to look at the filters that were less luxurious to lower the price, and found some rather good ones. We were pleased to notice that many HVAC suppliers offered free shipping if we made a bulk purchase.

        After much searching, we finally found a filter that would be perfect for her own home, and would actually fit our new HVAC system. We went to our local HVAC store, where we found a tech who told us that he actually used to maintenance our house before we move there. It was nice to meet a technician that we knew we could trust. We were starting to feel welcome and we’re very convinced that we have made a good decision.


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Using a/c as sunburn relief

My brothers and I went to the beach this weekend. It was the first weekend that the weather was super nice, so we loaded everything inside the Jeep. My brothers and I truly enjoy going surfing, so we packed our boards, trunks, and a few drinks! The beach is a short drive from our dwelling, so we managed to make it to the waves in less than an hour. The sun was already beating down at 9 in the morning, and I knew that I should have packed additional sunscreen. We would be on the beach all day long, and I only had a small amount left. My brothers and I spent the day surfing the waves, drinking beers, and hanging out with friends. When we finally went back home, the sun was already setting behind the trees. I was starting to catch a chill, a proper sign of a sunburn. As soon as I got back to the dwelling, I took a moderate shower. My skin was red, irritated, and flared up. I made the decision to adjust the temperature control in our family room, so that the indoor temperature was a tad bit cooler. The cooling appliance felt good on my sunburn, and I eventually faded off to sleep. I woke up a little while later, and I was aching and throbbing in pain. I turned the cooling appliance down some more, and fell back asleep. In the morning, I woke up again. The cooling appliance could no longer do anything to help my horrible fever, and I had to take some Tylenol.

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using a/c in the summer

Every single year, it seems that the summertime temperatures get hotter and hotter. It has become ever increasingly challenging to make it through the summertime season without an air conditioning appliance. The area of the country in which every one of us live, never actually has a really hot summertime season. I have been able to get away without an air conditioning appliance for the past 10 years! Lately, the summertime temperatures have been on the rise and have become almost unbearable. Even when the temperature is merely 80 degrees outside, the constant humidity can be atrocious. This year, I decided that I would buy an air conditioning appliance for the kitchen. I started researching the many types of window air conditioner units, so that I would be able to find something that would correctly fit our dwelling. I didn’t want to spend the currency on a central air conditioner system, because I was only going to be living in this beach house for another 5 years or so. I have been saving up for a much nicer home, and I did not want to waste any of our currency on this locale! Still, I didn’t want to go through another summertime season without an air conditioning appliance. I started doing a ton of research, before finally settling on the perfect type of air conditioner appliance for our home. I was really shocked when I heard about a mini split air conditioner appliance. It looks something like a window air conditioner appliance, but it is much more efficient on energy. It’s going to cost a bit more currency up front, but it will save me a lot of currency on my energy bills.


Good heater for play area

The weather has been very rather cold lately, in addition to we have been experiencing multiple afternoons of intense rain. The children have been trapped inside of the lake house for the past week. The children have also been complaining about being bored, so my partner in addition to I decided to take them to the mall. Our local mall has an attractive indoor play area, and it is situated next to the Sears building. There is plenty of seating room for the parents as well. Every one of us drove down to the mall in the daytime, so that the children could spend the afternoon playing in the play area. Every one of us had lunch in the mall cafeteria, in addition to made our way down to the play area. There were multiple children playing, so our own children had other children to play with. My partner in addition to I sat down with our coffee, and after 10 or 15 minutes, I started to notice it was very warm. I took off my sweater, hoping I would cool down just a bit. Since the weather outside was cold, I assumed the mall was running the Heating as well as A/C appliance. My partner in addition to I were seated underneath a very big Heating as well as A/C air vent. Every one of us could not recognize the hot air upon us, so we assumed that the Heating as well as A/C appliance was not honestly working. The children played for about 20 more minutes, before my partner in addition to I were too uncomfortable. Since the Heating as well as A/C appliance was not honestly working respectfully, my partner in addition to I were feeling angry. We stayed for just a little while longer, so the children could have fun in addition to play. By the time we got back home, we used our Heating as well as A/C appliance to feel comfortable once more.


Trying to not use the heater

There are a few things in this world that I simply cannot stand. That list is pretty short and includes awkward social situations, Donald Trump supporters, and long automobile rides with car sickness. More importantly, everything on the list is actually trumped by how much I can’t stand cold temperatures. I’ve tried to deny it and wish it away, but for years now  I’ve realized that my body is just set at a colder temperature than most people, and I’m usually cold all the time. It doesn’t matter what season or time of day it is, I’m likely chilled despite having more layers on than anyone else in the room. I think my body’s temperature control doesn’t operate properly, sad to say. That’s why I commonly end up cranking the central heat up far higher than my husband seems necessary, and the two of us routinely get into huge arguments about the electricity bills. I’ve been trying to reduce my useage of the HVAC system, but it’s not easy to be cold every day. Routinely now, I’ve been running a small heater near my feet any time that I settle down for a few moments, but it usually doesn’t work as well as I’d like it to.   Still, I haven’t given up on trying to reduce our Heating, Ventilation and A/C usage and subsequent utility bills. In fact, I’m so dedicated that when I’m at home, I’ve resorted to wearing gloves and a hat and sometimes my winter coat!

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High HVAC bills

About twelve months ago, I moved in with my BFF Cindy.  Both of us had been dating seriously for over a year, so we thought nothing could possibly go wrong.  Both of us spend most of our time together, and I figured that could translate into saving money on rent and utilities because I love not spending money.  I am now simply waiting for our lease to expire, so that I can move out hopefully never see Cindy again.  Cindy is deranged & costing me a fortune.  Because of his selfishness, I am spending way too much scratch on utility bills.  Both of us moved into together in November, when the weather was starting to turn frigid.  I didn’t believe it was freezing cold enough to require running the heating unit non stop on maximum setting.  Cindy felt it was okay to keep the furnace running non stop regardless if she was home, sleeping, or at work.  She’d simply leave the furnace jamming on maximum capacity & maintain an empty home at the perfect temperature.  I even caught her opening a window while the furnace was running, just to get some fresh air.  She was wasting our precious money for fresh air!.  Once the weather warmed up a bit, I finally shut down the gas furnace, and thought Cindy would finally be happy with the windows open.  The weather was quite mild, & there was entirely no reason to run the cooling system, but she insisted that he needed the cooling system operating in order to sluber! Our heating & cooling bills are so costly the two of us can barely afford groceries.   

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