Adding a few things to a furnace can make a big difference.

We lived in a old victorian home in the Northeast.  The house was drafty and had many cold spots in the winter.  We had just figured we would live with it and put on another sweater to stay warm.  Our indoor air did not seem clean and fresh so we decided to contact a HVAC service company to take a look at our furnace.  I am not particularly handy and not very diligent about changing the air filters on the furnace.  So when the service tech came upstairs carrying a dirty brown air filter, I was a bit embarrassed.  The service guy said that this was much of our problem and reminded us that this filter should be changed at least once a month.  This would help with the airflow and the dust in the air.  He recommended that we add a heat pump to our unit so that the warm air could be pushed into all the cold spots in our house.  He also told us that adding a humidifier to our furnace would make the air much more comfortable.  These were completely reasonable suggestions so we went ahead with the changes and upgrades.  Almost immediately we noticed a huge difference in the quality of air. And we noticed that the cold spots were gone. We also noticed that we had almost no static electricity issues when walking around the house.  The humidifier really made a difference. All of these changes made our quality of life much improved.  

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Helping grandpa with his heating issues.

Here in the northeast, winters are often very extreme.  It can often be below freezing for many days in a row.  Those of us who choose to live here understand the weather and try to make the best with what we have.  One day my grandfather called me over to his house to help him look in his old furnace.  Grandpa had lived in this house for over 30 years and often felt he could do his own furnace or air conditioning repairs.  He had worked in a factory for his career and had been able to fix almost anything. Or so he said.  This time the furnace was not blowing hot air through the vents to keep the house warm.  He thought it might be the fan but needed someone to help him check out the system so he could try to fix it.  I was charged with holding the flashlight as grandpa too off the metal door to the furnace.  The unit looked old to me but I did not want to say anything to him yet.  He can be very stubborn so I just played along while he looked over the heating unit.  After a while he finally signed and said he would have to call a HVAC company to do this repair as he felt if was above his pay grade.  I was relieved and offered to do some research of local heating ventilation and air conditioning companies.  A reputable company was found and they came out quickly to make the repairs.  They tried to sell my grandpa a new energy efficient furnace, but his stubborn behavior kept him for spending the money.  At least he had heat and was comfortable for the winter.  

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The lodge heater is no good

The inn where I work is an old fashioned ski cabin-style resort that has been around for as long as people have been skiing the mountain on which we reside at the base of. Much of our architecture & way of life remains out of date but honestly true to the cabin’s original purpose. You will notice the size of the rooms. They are really small plus they lack modern entertainment items other than a small clock stereo with an ipod dock by the bed. For years, a ski cabin’s purpose was for the guests to travel to and ski from. The rooms were just for sleeping. Modern conveniences are seeping into the building slowly. While there still remains the large stone fireplace downstairs, the woodstove in the dining room was replaced with a gas-lit fireplace, as it was more economical on the inn’s utility bills plus a much more efficient furnace for that size of a room. More often than not, the control device in the individual rooms are becoming a point of tension for the guests who expect a lot more from a getaway than what an older ski lodge traditionally offers. I really don’t remember the last time the innkeepers got a new furnace, and the old one can be tricky, often heating half the room a little too much for the guests liking. Some guests can just be snobs, it’s ridiculous.With more guests in the summertime than ever before, we finally managed to find the funds to install portable a/c units for the rooms, however there was such a short summertime here that there was no need. However again, we have to meet the guests half way occasionally.


The thermostat settings in the gym

When I was in grade school, our gym was super outdated.  Our gym was the oldest one in the school district, when all the other schools had updated the facilities already.  It didn’t have a heating or air conditioner system, and so, if you happened to have gym class during the fall school year, you better be prepared to freeze every day as you attempt to play basketball or square dance or whatever activity the school board had us playing that day.  Even in the Springtime it was bad.  In the Spring you had cold weather in the beginning and scorching hot temperatures halfway through all all the way to the end of the year! They just couldn’t win at all! However, now that they have constructed a current high school and modern gym, the students honestly have it really nice.  They have a brand new, top of the line HVAC unit that heats and cools at the drop of a scarf! The gym is always the perfect temperature, even when you’re exercising! I went there to watch a game of indoor soccer, by the end of it all the kids were hardly covered in sweat and I never got too warm resting in the stands either. I was shocked at the difference in comparison of the outdated school facilities.  I think the school system now has plenty of money to spend on these types of things.  If I were back in public school, I suppose that having a top of the line HVAC unit would be on the top of our list of things to put into the building! Everything is irritating when the temperature isn’t right!

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Where I live, we have been having the craziest weather this year.  We have had heavy rains with flooding, some high winds, plus even some hail was thrown in there a few times! The people I was with and I live almost at sea level, so the flooding absolutely isn’t that unusual, actually.  Luckily, our lake house sits at one of the highest points in the entire county! Not sure how all of us lucked out with that however we are not complaining.  With almost all of the houses on our street flooding the last time it rained here, however our lake house stayed nice and dry! However, a few weeks ago we were not so lucky.  It had been raining for about a week straight, with downpours almost every single day.  With the constant rainfall, the water has nowhere to go since all of us are already at sea level.  Therefore, the waters began to rise on the morning of our weeklong ordeal.  Ultimately, our HVAC system got flooded! I had to figure out which HVAC repair company to call so I attempted to go online and try to find one.  But, the closest HVAC business website was down! I didn’t guess what to do, because I had to pay extra for anyone else to come, due to their travel time here.  I tried to call them however none of the Heating and Air Conditioning contractors answered the phones either. Luckily, I was finally able to get someone after about an hour.  They had a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor on our doorstep just 2 hours after that! He was able to pump out all the water plus insure none of the mechanics were disturbed.  I was so thankful for that contractor!

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Smoke coming out of the HVAc

A couple weeks ago, every one of us needed to turn on our heating unit for the first time because every one of us had had a few pretty frigid nights recently.  It was early in the afternoon as well as my partner was getting ready for work.  I put on a sweatshirt as well as decided I would finally turn on our heat for a bit.  When I switched our thermostat over to heat, a few moments later every one of us had smoke coming through our HVAC ducts! Our alarm sounders all came on as well as our husky was so upset that she refused to come into our home for the rest of the afternoon! Needless to say, the afternoon took a turn for the worse.  I abruptly turned the thermostat back to off, as well as contacted our local Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C corporation.  They said that they could have someone come by later that afternoon as well as to not turn our Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C unit back on until someone was there to look at it.  Once the specialist arrived, he immediately realized what the problem was.  Apparently, there was unquestionably cold dry air coming into contact with hot humid air around the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C unit which created smoke or fog to be pumped throughout HVAC ducts into our home.  Once the indoor temperature as well as moisture was back to normal, the smoke would dissipate.  He also noticed that our air filter was severely dirty.  This was also a factor in why every one of us were experiencing some smoke.  So, he changed that out for us as well as was on his way! Thankfully it wasn’t anything too serious, so he made it a very low-cost visit!    

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Cabin style heated floors

Every year The whole family have a family gathering in some new as well as exciting place.  Normally it’s all the children and grandchildren in our family as well as The whole family option a new and interesting location each time.  This past year, The whole family picked a colder place, where The whole family desired to get snow during our stay.  Both of us ended up renting this crucial cottage that could fit all of us.  It was 3 stories high as well as had basically several separate living spaces as well as could accommodate twenty people.  It was the perfect size for my whole family as well as The whole family were excited once The whole family finally had gotten to the cottage.  The cottage was frigid cold when The whole family got there, so my task was to find a thermostat and change the thermostat setting to warm up the cottage.  As I walked around the cottage, I realized that they honestly didn’t have your correct thermostat.  They had the smart thermostat!  This was wonderful to me, because after The whole family realized how frigid it was expected to be, The whole family connected all of our iphones to the thermostat so when each of us decided to go adventuring outside each of us could set the temperature to what each of us wanted for when each of us arrived back at the cottage.  Another thing the had that I was so thrilled about was the radiant flooring in all the hardwood rooms throughout the house!  I have been longing for radiant flooring in my own dwelling, so getting to experience it on vacation was a swell opportunity! After a hike outside in the frigid air, everyone was able to get a sizzling shower as well as not have to be worried about stepping on cold floors after getting out! Not to mention the heated flooring assisted with the general temperature control of the entire cottage.  I wouldn’t mind going back to that cottage for several years to come!

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