Working on our humidity

My brother Bruce likes to travel the US with just a backpack and his favorite guitar. He is a stereotypical hippie and never brings any possessions with him. But, Bruce does have quite an extensive guitar collection. When he travels around he only brings a single guitar though, but since he has no permanent house I got stuck housing all of his guitars. I have so many of his guitars that I had to put them in their own room; I bought stands, built wall mounts, and I clean them thoroughly. I have to admit I kind of enjoy them. I researched ways to store them better and then found some sad news, apparently the air quality in my house can affect certain instruments. The sound can become off and the wood could be damaged. If you have too much moisture in your ambient air, the wood stinks and it ruins the shape of the instrument. If your ambient air is too dry, the wood will split and crack. Since I was studying these articles, I bought both a dehumidifier and humidifier for my brother’s guitar room. The last thing I want is Bruce coming back to ruined guitars. I use the dehumidifier in the summer with my A/C plan to get rid of the moisture. In the winter season, I use the gas furnace and humidifier in tandem to protect the instruments from cracking. It was very high-priced investing in two air quality products, but it’s totally worth it. I feel better knowing my brother’s guitars are safe and not going to be destroyed due to my air quality at home.


I’m going to have the house tested

When I looked back at my young times so far, I think there’s almost nothing that will stop me from experiencing a natural demise. I will definitely encounter cancer at some point. I don’t mean to be a stick in the mud, but I’ve come in contact with so several known causes that I simply can’t imagine I’ll escape the terrible cancer disease. As if it isn’t awful enough that I was surrounded by a ton of 2nd hand cigarette smoke and picked up the nasty taste for it in my adolescence, I’ve also worked among highly toxic carcinogenic things at my biological research position for a long time. To make matters more horrible, it turns out that I used to reside on top of a natural Radon gas depository in my home! Just around 3 months ago the news report came out that a local survey crew had uncovered super high levels of harmful causes of uranium in the rockbed that held my outdated town, but sadly, as uranium decays in the ground it also releases a material known as Radon gas into the atmosphere. The ionic gas is highly toxic, meaning it can potentially cause cellular growth when living beings are exposed to Radon. So, the most usual result of the Radon exposure is believed to be lung cancer, and because the gas occurs on its own and cannot be detected without Radon test kits it’s hard to avoid. Apparently we were living with high levels Radon contamination for 15 years and had no clue about it.

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How do we known our home is safe

It feels like I can’t turn on the news these days without encountering a story about a frightening new household hazard. Either everything on earth has become a danger to our health, or else the news channels are really capitalizing on the fear they can generate pitching these stories to the public. Everyone already knew that we needed to watch out for carbon monoxide poisoning and old dangers such as lead paint were still a threat in outdated buildings, but now I’m even hearing about frightening natural gases that can gather in your house. The agent in question is known as Radon, and according to CNN it is a silent threat to everyone in the world. These radioactive gas particles are emitted from the very ground we walk on, so there’s no way to eradicate the Radon gas from our environment. Apparently when naturally occurring uranium and isotope Radium-266 decay in hard rock deposits in the ground the process releases minute amounts of Radon as a by-product. Of course, most people know that exposure to even low levels of radiation over time has a highly mutagenic effect on your cellular biology, potentially causing your cells to become immortal and invasive, thus becoming cancerous. The concentrations of radioactive gas vary widely depending on the geological characteristics of the area, but most frighteningly, Radon can accumulate inside of commercial and residential buildings in close proximity to the uranium source. Now I’m afraid to go shopping at the mall, to work in my office building, or to relax my own home until I’ve purchased my Radon detection kit.

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I’ve done some work on the condo

My best friend Carlos and I are farmers. Carlos and I often grow in addition to cut a variety of plants. I’ve worked my whole life on my plant based site in addition to all of us have typically done the cutting by hand, but the crop getting afternoons consist of spending all day in the sweltering warm sun in addition to riding on our heavy machines while picking our crops. Since my Carlos and I have had a big number of fields ever since we have started, all of us have hired many workers to assist us in getting our fields done. Last summer season while it was way too hot, Carlos and I went out in addition to started like usual. Maybe I’m getting too aged in my day however I was totally getting too warm. I eventually dropped down in addition to my workers called my Carlos to help me out. All I can remember is jumping into the air-conditioned truck in addition to feeling the relief of the cool air that was rushing over my face. I also remember that the car eventually did get too cold from the AC in addition to my sweat felt like ice. When I did start to come to it was when the I was being pushed into the hospital in addition to without the AC it felt terrible. When I was indoors though, the hospital the AC was perfect, it wasn’t too freezing or hot. So the doctor told me to stay in the cooling during the sizzling summer season in addition to he said I had overheated in the sizzling times.

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I am a farmer

My son Benny and I work on the farm. Benny and I grow plus farm a variety of vegetables. I’ve worked my whole life on our crops plus Benny and I have constantly done the harvesting by hand, then the whole harvesting afternoons consist of doing all day in the sweltering heat plus riding on our mowers while picking our vegetables. Since the family has had a large number of crops ever since my papa was around, Benny and I have hired numerous good workers to assist us in getting the crops. Last hot season while it was way too hot, Benny and I made the decision to go out plus started as if normal. Perhaps I’m getting too outdated but I was totally getting too heated. I eventually was done plus our workers called an ambulance to help myself and others out. All I can think on is getting into the air-conditioned area plus feeling the relief of the crisp air that was rushing over my whole body. I also remember that the car eventually did get too freezing from the air conditioning plus my own sweat felt just like ice. When I did beginning to come to it was when the I was being feel interested into the hospital plus without the air conditioning it felt awful. When I was inside the hospital the air conditioning was great, it wasn’t too freezing or hot. At last the medical professional told myself and others to stay in the air conditioning during the hot Summer.

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Potential puppy problems

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a puppy. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that. I don’t actually like dogs to be honest. Or more so, big, loud dogs that leave mounds of hair in their path with just a flick of their tail. What I have always wanted since I was a little girl, was a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. My father always said no dogs, and that I could get one when I moved out. Unfortunately, I moved out of my parent’s house a little later in life than I had anticipated. Now, I have my own place and it was about time I found my dream puppy. The breed is very popular, so I had an easy time finding one. I heard back from a breeder that she had three puppies left in the litter, two boys and a girl. When we went to visit and see the little angels, the female just melted my heart! I knew I had to have her. My wonderful boyfriend bought her that day, and we went straight to the pet store and got everything she would need, or so we thought. After some research, I realized that we would not only need to change our habits, but to be safe, it seemed we needed to adjust our air intake as well. We discovered that between the pet odor, the skin dander, and the urine stains, we really should be purchasing an air purifier. These odors from the puppy can cause respiratory distress for both my boyfriend and I since we already have a sensitivity to allergens. After looking into this, we discovered that a good air purification system can remove all allergens, airborne irritants, dust, and all unpleasant odors from the home. We want to improve the air quality for ourselves and our tiny new baby girl. I am really glad I researched all of this because I never would have known.

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Air purifiers can help with smoke

I admit, I have a few vices in this lifetime. I try my best to be a productive and highly functioning member of society, but there are a few unseemly activities that I partake in. For instance, I am a big fan of drinking. I enjoy getting a little tipsy and giggly, and I also love the taste of fine whisky or a well made cocktail. I am absolutely addicted to caffeine, as well, and absolutely cannot get through a day of work without several cups of freshly ground organic beans made into a tasty pour over cup of coffee. Lastly, I’m ashamed to admit that I still occasionally smoke cigarettes when I’m stressed or bored, or when I feel like I deserve it. I don’t think that a single cigarette every few days is a big deal for my long term health, but I don’t feel good about it either. What’s more, I probably have to update my whole HVAC system in order to keep up my habit because I absolutely hate the smell of cigarette smoke. Although I only smoke outdoors, the smoke always seems to come inside and pollute my high quality indoor air. Maybe the air return is located near my usual smoking spot, because it seems like the odor manages to encapsulate the whole house. I can’t stand the lingering stink in my breathing air, and I need a better method to remove all the hazardous airborne contaminants from my ventilation system. I propose an air purification systems that connects right up to my existing heating and cooling plan; my boyfriend says I should just stop smoking.

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Fighting with the thermostat

I have been having a really difficult time sleeping at night. I am not referring to the insomnia I was diagnosed with years ago, or the fact that a have a 10 week old puppy at home. Surprisingly, those things do not phase me. What is causing my sleeping issue is the strange temperature variations in the new apartment we just moved into. My boyfriend and I have a pretty good communication stream going as far as relationships go. It seems when it comes to our temperature preferences, we’re not so communicative. We received a notice from the maintenance supervisor last week, saying that our air conditioning would be shut off for the rest of the year. Well as it stands, it’s technically fall, but we are still experiencing summer weather. Therefore, it’s extremely warm in the apartment, and we cannot cool it down. When I get home from work, I open the sliding glass door to the balcony and let the air in, and by that time it is usually a decent temperature combination between the outdoor temp and the indoor temp. By the time Bryce gets home from work a few hours later, it is too cool outside, and I close the glass door. We then get ready for bed, and I turn the heat on very low and we go to sleep. I keep waking up frozen to the touch. Well last night, I woke up enough to actually get up and take a look at the thermostat. The heat was switched to the off position, and the door was open, and the fan was on. When we discussed it this morning, he told me that he woke up in the middle of the night, and since it is so warm, he opens the door, turns on the fan, and shuts off the heat. No wonder neither of us are sleeping. We need to have a heating and cooling intervention so that we can find a happy medium.

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Constant arguments higher HVAC bills

My son and his girlfriend recently moved in with my husband and I. they have been going through tough times since my son went to jail for six months. His girlfriend is pregnant with our first grandbaby, so we had no choice but to open our doors to them. They have been here for a few weeks and they argue all of the time. They are constantly screaming at each other, yelling the most terrible obscenities at each other. My husband and I have tried to keep out the arguments. When they start yelling loudly, we turn on the HVAC unit in our bedroom. My wife and I live in an addition, so we have our own mini-split HVAC unit. The mini-split HVAC unit is about five years old. It can be loud at times, which is good when the kids are fighting.  We turn on the HVAC unit to high, and adjust the volume of the television. Between the HVAC unit and our favorite shows, we can usually ignore most of the ruckus. Last night was the last straw, though, because the neighbors decided to call the police. My son and his girlfriend were screaming in the backyard, and our neighbors alerted the authorities. My husband and I were watching Scandal, when the police knocked on our door. We were quite surprised by the late call, and decided to put an end to the late night arguments. We tried to stay out of their fights, but now the behavior has affected our relationship with the neighborhood community. These two need to get along, or separate from each other.

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Frustrating A/C repair

I hate when it’s one of those days, when everything is going wrong all at once. That happened to me last Saturday, and it cost me a fortune. I woke up first thing in the morning, ready to tackle a day’s worth of chores. I was backing the Prius out of the garage, when I heard a loud crash behind the car. I hit the recycling bins, which were full of cans and bottles. There was trash all over the driveway and sidewalk. It took thirty minutes to clean up the mess, and thirty minutes to yell at my son for making the son. I was already frustrated, when my son called to tell me the A/C unit wasn’t working. He told me that the A/C unit was making a strange sound. I told him to turn off the A/C unit, until I could come home to investigate the problem. I finished the marketing and went to the drugstore, before the kids called to complain about the lack of A/C. I called the A/C repair center, after my son sent me a recording of the A/C sounds. The A/C repair technician arrived about fifteen minutes after I finished unpacking the groceries. The horrible sound was a piece of metal that had fallen from our HVAC ducting. The piece of metal turned out to be a screw. The screw was rattling around inside of the system and causing the awful noises. After the A/C repair was completed, the kitchen sink sprung a leak. I thought my bad day was over, but I was wrong.