Converting the heater equipment

When our dear hubby, Jimmy and I built our first home, I thought it would a fantastic method to have a fireplace in the master room.  I could imagine lying in bed and enjoying a crackling fire.  I pictured how warm, cozy and romantic a burning fire on a chilly Wintertime night would be.  The reality is not as enjoyable as I thought.  Since building the house five years ago, Jimmy and I have tried exactly once to build a fire in the fireplace.  Chopping wood is an bad job, and hauling the wood into the house creates a massive mess.  The wood is so dirty, filled with bugs, and heavy.  Once the fire is burning, there’s the complication of toxic  fumes, smoke, soot, and ash.  I was concerned about a spark possibly burning the carpet and the risk of fire.  Plus, the only way to keep moderate is to huddle right up beside the fire.  Unfortunately, this high-priced fireplace has become more of a decoration for us.  I’ve recently consulted with a local HVAC company about converting the same wood burning fireplace into a natural gas powered heater.  The conversion will not be too expensive, and the fireplace will now become an asset.  A natural gas fireplace offers all of the benefits with none of the big drawbacks.  We would have the same appearance of having an actual fire, however there’s no mess, danger, or issues with air quality.  The gas powered fireplace is also equipped with a wireless remote that would allow us to definitely and conveniently make needed changes to the temperature and fan speed separate from even getting out of bed.  The gas powered fireplace not only provides a significant amount of heat, however because of the fan it uses, all of the heat is evenly dispersed throughout the room.  Plus, the furnace is quiet, very energy efficiency, clean, and would help to reduce the workload of our home’s small oil furnace.  

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I recently contracted a local HVAC company to complete an energy audit of our home.  The purpose of this kind of service and testing is determining if and where there is energy waste.  The HVAC company then offered a list of possible improvements I could make to optimize comfort, air quality and efficiency of our heating and our cooling systems.  One of the least high-priced and effective possibilities was adding a lot of attic insulation.  When taking measurements to seal up leaks and cracks in my home’s thermal envelope, I concentrated on exterior walls and windows however had never really considered the attic.  I guess that the attic is respectfully overheated in the summertime and far too chilly over the Wintertime.  Apparently, an insufficient amount of the insulation in the attic was allowing most of our heated and cooled air to escape.  The HVAC company told myself and others that a serious lack of insulation in the attic was the cause of chilly drafts in our home, hot/chilly spots, extra moisture issues, and unnecessarily high utility and energy costs.  Adding insulation to the attic was fairly low-priced, caused no mess, and the project was to be completed in a single day.  I instantly observed a difference in the total comfort of our home, and the undefined ran for much shorter cycles.  Within a year, I will have saved up more than enough money on our energy costs to pay for the service.  I am now considering an investment into getting attic ventilation which would work to bring in more fresh air and remove the stale, overheated air.  This would reduce snowmelt and ice buildup up on the roof, also combat moisture in the home, and do a lot to minimize the workload of the our oil furnace and AC.  

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Getting a new heater

My gas gas furnace was only 9 years old when it needed to be updated.  It simply quit now working in the middle of a random evening, while every one of us were trapped in a horrible blizzard in January.  The outside temperature was under twelve degrees, with a brutal wind chill, and it was snowing prefer crazy.  Going without any heating system was not a valid option.  Although I hated to pay for overtime service, I had no choice however to call over to a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor for gas furnace repair.  I expected their service to be fast, easy and not overly extravagant.  Since the heating component was so new, I figured the problem was little more than a maintenance issue.  The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor checked out the gas furnace and informed myself and others that my central gas furnace had overheated and caused a major crack in the heat exchanger.  I assumed that he would update the old heat exchanger and hand myself and others a bill for the parts and labor.  He then told myself and others that the price of a new heat exchanger is higher than the cost of a whole new gas furnace.  I was hoping I could still run the gas furnace without a working heat exchanger, however that’s not possible.  The heat exchanger is the part that prevents the combustion of byproducts from entering the heated air that is circulated throughout the house.  Combustable by products include formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and they are quite dangerous.  Not only was I legally required to purchase a brand new gas furnace and to pay for the replacement, however my manufacturer’s warranty would not cover it.  Because I had abjectly failed to keep up with my professional maintenance every year, the warranty was no longer valid.  My abject failure to retain a specialist to supply comprehensive service every fall is the reason the gas furnace failed so completely.  The component became plugged up with dirt, which restricted the airflow and led to it overheating.   

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Attic a/c

When I began to notice shingles lying in the grass, I knew there was a concern with my roof.  Since the roof was not very old, so I was not cheerful about calling a contractor for repairs.  The contractor checked the rooftop and told myself and others that the materials used had deteriorated so abruptly because of insufficient attic insulation.  Living in an area of the country with seriously sizzling and humid summertimes and super cold Winter seasons, providing proper attic ventilation is essential to the lifespan of the roof and the comfort and health of the house.   Ventilation will allow cool, fresh air to enter the attic and exhaust the hot, moist air through a venting system.  During the long Winter season, mixing the cold outside air with the warmed attic air allows for less snow melting on the roof, avoiding collecting excessive amounts of ice.  During the summertime, there is less moisture build up within our small attic, which combats any kind of long term damage to the home’s structure and avoids troubles of mold and mildew growth.  Ventilating the attic also will help to conserve energy and reduce weekly utility bills.  When heat gets trapped within the attic, it forces the air conditioning to job harder to cool down the whole house.  The longer cycles will put greater stress on the cooling system’s components, leading to more frequently needing repairs and also a shortened service life.  Along with repairs to the roof, I also hired a nearby Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor who specializes in attics and ventilation.  The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist added insulation to the attic and installed several exhaust vents.  The cost was fairly minimal and I’ve absolutely recovered the investments with far lower electric and gas bills.  I immediately noticed the improvements to the comfort in my home.  And I’ve been able to adjust the smart thermostat to draw less energy.  

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Caring for the heater

Keeping your heating plan running perfectly in chilly temperatures is not always an easy work.  You can ask me. I’m a Heating & Air Conditioning provider and I’ve been repairing furnaces plus heating systems for years. I’d say that I task on a/cs as well, however since it’s winter, it feels that I’ve only been working on furnaces for a few weeks. We are so far into the cold north that it almost feels appreciate we live in a frozen tundra, so I won’t be performing any air conditioner tune-ups in the near future, however I’ve easily had our share of gas furnace plus heating calls.  In all our years of working plus living in this easily cold city, I can say that as the heat stops working plus it shuts off, there a couple of things to consider regarding your HVAC equipment, and immediately check the air filter on your gas furnace or heating plus a/c! Remove any foreign matter that may be trapped in the HVAC filter plus don’t forget to update it!  I have been on several gas furnace service jobs where it turns out the resident had forgotten to put the new air filter into service, so the heating or air conditioning system component was running without the required HVAC air filter! So if you can safely access the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment, you need to verify that the condensation lines have not frozen over, since that would most easily cause your heat to shut off.  It is always cold here, however even the heating oil companies are having trouble getting to their clients, so most people should order your heating oil for your furnace or gas furnace earlier next year.

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He checked out our ac system

My Uncle Joe is always complaining that the heat in his home hasn’t been working as it should.  He’s asked me to stop by plus take a look at his heating plan for him.  I told him that I’d be over after task today, however, what I didn’t tell him is that I would be bringing a neighbor along with me.  Not most people is lucky enough to have a neighbor who works in the Heating & Air Conditioning field, but I am.  My neighbor who has been an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist for about 20 years.  We are neighbors, however he only moved into our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, so he did not put our Heating & Air Conditioning device into our house, however I’m sure that he is good, because his HVAC truck is always parked in someone’s driveway. I’ve spoken to other neighbors, plus they all agree, his Heating & Air Conditioning service is above par, so I’ve asked him to plus tune-up our Uncle Joe’s air conditioner plus furnace.  While getting to guess our new Heating & Air Conditioning tech neighbor, Mike, I’ve picked his brain a bit about Heating & Air Conditioning technology, so I assume confident of his abilities.  We arrive at Uncle Joe’s home and welcomed us into his home, plus it easily feels superb to me, however then I’m no heating specialist however the back of the home feels cold.  Wow, what a difference, since the heat is not coming through to each room, Mike right away went to the attic to look at the HVAC air duct, found holes, and taped them up for better indoor air quality for our Uncle Joe.  


An older heating model

It was a few years ago when I had purchased an aged farmhouse, I loved the character as well as aged timey recognize that came with this house.  The stairs creaked very loudly as you walked on them, it had real hardwood floors not that laminate floors, the study room was really big as well as there was even an aged oil furnace for the heating plan in the home.  I fell in prefer with the heating plan based on it’s looks soley just because I thought it was particular, and reminded me of Ursula from the little mermaid.  I loved turning on our heating plan as well as just hearing the roar of Ursula kicking on in the mornings, it seemed so comforting.  Well, the comfort of that rapidly faded after I got our first energy bill in the mail.  My bill was sky high, I could not recognize it was so it was more than I was expecting.  I actually was unable to afford the bill as well as had to split it up into payments.  After that I started setting our heat to a lower temperature, but it didn’t seem to matter what I did the bill never became manageable.  I ended up calling our Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C supplier to see if there was something they could advocate that would be of some assistance to me.  Luckily, there was but it was overpriced.  The HVAC worker came out looked things over as well as advocate I replace to a new furnace, one that is energy efficient.  He said that would make a huge difference in our energy bill. I did my research and finally decided to go ahead and replace to a new heating plan which I would of course have to name Prince Eric. When I getting my monthly energy bill  after our replace I was so relieved that it was up and working again.  

oil heater

Not sure what to do about heating

This weather outside right now is having a certainly hard time trying to decide if it’s Wintertime or Springtime.  The two of us have gone from below zero rapidly decreasing temperatures, large snow as well as ice storms to hot and really rainy.  You would this this would all be over the course of a couple weeks but no, its over the course of the last numerous weeks as well as it is only January! We actually had to put our heating plan to the test this year, leaving it running all day as well as night in order to help to prevent our pipes from frosty. Now with this hot spell, we have been able to turn off our furnace, but in exchange every one of us have been forced to turn on the central air to help fight the indoor humidity that rolled in with our nice hot Springtime weather.  Who would recognize that in the middle of January every one of us would be forced to use our central air in the space, especially since every one of us live in a snow belt in the northeast!  I am just grateful we switched over to central air this past warm season otherwise every one of us would be miserable right now.  Neither our fiance or I can tolerate that humid weather conditions, as well as he hated pulling our window component a/c systems in as well as out of the windows, so we finally agreed to bite the bullet as well as convert over to central air.  If every one of us hadn’t converted over to central air then our house would be a sticky humid mess as well as everything would have that gross, damp feeling, so I am certainly grateful every one of us have our central air!

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Wanted more a/c please

While installing some countertops at job the other day, I accidentally sliced my finger.  The slice was not deep, or long, but it bled for quite a while. I was not going to let my boss know, but it was still bleeding when I got back to the office.   He insisted that I go immediately to urgent care, on the off chance that it got infected, the company did not want to be responsible. I had to fill out several workman’s comp forms, and then go to the nearest urgent care center. The urgent care center was not too busy, which was surprising to me. I checked in, then sat to wait.  Within a few minutes I was perspiring heavily.  Apparently, the a/c was not working at all. The few other patients that were there were visibly unhappy and irritated. I could hear them muttering to themselves about the lack of a/c. I deal without a/c all day, every day, because most of the homes I work in do not have HVAC installed yet, and yes, being without a/c is annoying, especially in this day and age, but honestly, HVAC is a privilege, not a right. While the room was warm, I did not feel that it warranted the baleful looks the patients were sending towards the lady at the front desk. I was called in a few minutes later, and I was told that the slice did not even need stitches! Shaking my head, I left and headed back to the office. What a waste of an hour!

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Had to wear jacket with a/c on

If I ever know ahead of time that I am going to be in an uncomfortable or intimidating situation, I always attempt to come up with a really great outfit.  Having a flattering, sophisticated outfit really  helps my confidence, along with some great lipstick.   When I found out that the two of us had to have brunch with my in laws, I knew that I would need all of the confidence I could get, because my in-laws do not entirely love me.   They look for every opportunity to point out my shortcomings! The two of us rarely have brunch with them, for this reason.  I wore my favorite silk blouse, tucked into a navy midi skirt, then added neutral, but sophisticated accents: dark maroon flats, a tan purse, in addition to a string of freshwater pearls.  Then I applied my makeup carefully and finished it off with a great lipstick. I thought I was ready, however I was foiled by an unlikely source: my in-laws’ thermostat. When we arrived, the air conditioner was blasting. The thermostat had to have been set on sixty. My blouse was long-sleeved, but thin.  I held out for as long as I could, however I was seated right underneath an air conditioner vent, and the air conditioner poured on me. I was forced to borrow our husband’s sweater, which was red, of all colors.  Somehow, it clashed with my lipstick, the shape of my skirt, as well as my shoes, all at once! My confidence shriveled up and ran away. At least, I was warm. The air conditioner was no match for the ugly sweater!

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