Family arriving and my heat pump

My family is planning on coming to my house this year for Thanksgiving after we did a family lotto for the holiday dinner.  I just bought a new house and I am using the holiday as an excuse to show it off to everyone. But, the only problem is that my house is not fully done yet. I still have been doing a lot of upkeep on it every weekend. I have finished my laundry room, gardens and redoing all my flooring right now before the dinner. There are still some walls that are crumbling down, though. I also don’t even have a solid study room table to serve a big meal at! My goal though is to have the extra room complete and  in order for when my family arrives. I recently had to add another item to service up on the list, too, my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment in the main house. My house has a ductless heat pump that is used for climate control when needed, then a heat pump controls both heating and an undefined unit. They are said to be actually energy efficient and disinfect for the home’s air quality first and foremost. I am not sold yet. Well, I would not suppose this truth because my heat pump refuses to turn on today! Right now my man and I are just dripping with sweat to death without AC. I can only imagine the time my family is coming over will be a disaster with all of us would need the furnace to turn on at dinner. I don’t want my family to look at my new house and only remark on how cold they are either. I could purchase some area gas furnaces for a quick fix in the house. Space gas furnaces in my remodeled house would look awful though and a bummer to see. I am dreading the Heating and Air Conditioning repair, I suppose it is going to be pretty darn expensive. The Heating and Air Conditioning unit won’t even turn on. That does not sound anything close to a small Heating and Air Conditioning fix.

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