the AC system while I run

The weather is decreasing this time of year, plus it is slowly turning colder; Eventually I won’t be able to run outside anymore as I prefer. Really, I like running outside so much more for a workout. I go barefoot plus run around my property any hour. I get fit, get a tan plus my feet believe good after doing that. I tend to lose a lot of weight in the summer months, since I run everyday for a undoubtedly long time too. Once the weather turns though, running outside is not feasible, and what am I going to do, I do not know. I can’t exactly go for a run in a snowsuit, right?! Running inside is just not the same for me. I have a treadmill plus a cooling plan set up in a back room of my house. It is a way worse run though. Instead of looking at my gardens plus the cars go by, I see just a miserable wall. Instead of feeling the breeze on my face, I get artificial A/C blowing right at me making me sick. Instead of feeling the ground under my feet, I pound away on the hard mechanical treadmill. It just feels like a stiffer plus faker run. I suppose it does not help that I hate AC religiously. I believe a/c has a unusual smell to it all the time. I also don’t love how the air feels hitting me. I believe, as well, that the cooling plan is slowly drying out my eyes, my throat plus my skin intensely. I also never can set the cooling plan consistently. If I have it on high when I start, I am too cold. If I don’t turn on the A/C high enough though, I sweat to death the whole time and it just isn’t nice.

cooling system