Heating and air per cubicle


I got work in a cubicle style office space every day! I very don’t mind the cubicle so much. I have it all dressed up the way I want it to be. I also store everything I could ever want in that tiny space for work. I have pretty great cubicle mates too, which is rare! So, this guy Kyle likes to play rock n roll out loud and I don’t mind it, then kyle has really great rock n roll aste, and so I usually jam along with him all day. Pam likes to eat in the cubicle. I think some people don’t love the smell of this food very much, but I don’t mind at all, really. There is also Kenny, the eighth member in our section. The few of us have to unite together occasionally and the people I was with and I also as a group decide on the heating and cooling for our section of the office space. A lot of cubicle groups fight over the temperature control all day long. Yet, we are really great about this piece, though, as both of us all seem to agree on a great temperature. Kyle and Pam occasionally have to task out just how much heating they want in the wintertime weather. Pam gets so much colder than Kyle. So setting your control unit is almost like a rare art form. The oil furnace has to be on, but not too high. Both of us all seem to agree on manual A/C in the Summer as well, it is not too bad. Again, occasionally Pam and Kyle have to play around with the temperature control to get it just right for themselves. Kenny and I just let them go at it until they agree. All of us, at the end of the day, task really well with our Heating as well as A/C settings. Some groups spend all day fighting over the control unit control, which can be hard.

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