Only using an ancient boiler

When I took a job in the south, I had no idea how extreme the weather would get. It’s so hot down here sometimes that I don’t want to leave my A/C at all. However, when the winter rolls around and we experience the occasional cold and snowy day, I feel that I have a real advantage over the people here. Having grown up in the midwest, I am no stranger to the cold. This is the rare time of year when I am not held captive by my HVAC unit. While all of my friends, coworkers and neighbors are running their heaters full blast and rarely stepping outside, I feel right in my element. The cold is no sweat for me because I rarely have to turn on my heater. I imagine everyone around me has a super high utility bill because they are so reliant on their heating systems. While this is an issue for me during the warm months, that’s not the case once the temperatures drop. I start to realize one of the perks of being from the midwest, and that’s the fact that I do not have to rely on a heater! The snow is fun for me, and I love being outside as long as I can layer up. Still, I hate the fact that all of my friends are homebound when this happens. It’s really wild how they becomes hermits just because they’re afraid to leave a climate controlled space. I find it all very funny, and I even poke fun at my friends when this happens.

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