The air quality in my basement


Here in the lower Midwest, both of us make superb use of our basements. My mom uses hers mostly for food storage and a laundry room. I want to repair mine up and use it as a pseudo gym or home workout room, however the space is so very hot and humid, it’s almost unusable. I did some research online and discovered that I might need a dehumidifier. Any tips out there on what type of dehumidifier? Also, how often do I need to vent it outside? What about an air conditioner – what type do you recommend I purchase? Please remember I’m on a budget here. Thank you much in advance.


To transform your current basement into a functional, living area that is comfortable and healthy, you will need just a couple of things: a room dehumidifier and a window or portable air conditioner. If you already have a window in your basement, I’d request a window AC. They’re not high priced and can be pretty self-explanatory to install. If you do not have a window in your basement, then a portable air conditioning component is the way to go. You can vent the hot air to an area outside or up the stairs when it is in use. Most come with a timer on the thermostat so that you can set it for many ninths and it will shut itself off automatically.

As for the dehumidifier, get a small room model that does not need to be vented. You will need to drain the water, however. The frequency of when you empty the dehumidifier will be based on how humid your basement is.

I hope that these tips helped, I wish you good luck with your current gym!

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