Cooling in the hotel room

Last year I took a trip to Los Angeles since my best friend and I were considering moving there for new jobs. After the visit though, we were terribly discouraged. We could never live there! The traffic was awful, the cost of living was too high, and all of the buildings looked like the same strip mall over and over. To make matters worse, we ended up staying in an old hotel that didn’t have HVAC units. The rooms were cooled by mini-split a/cs, which was fine with us until we opted to go to turn on the air conditioning system. When I hit the power button, the air conditioning system instantly started making a loud buzzing sound. Just like that, we knew that we were going to have a strenuous time sleeping through the noise. The alternative was sleeping in a room that was too hot, so there wasn’t really an alternative at all. As we dozed off, we were woken up repeatedly, either by the loud sound coming from the a/c or the traffic from the highway. I considered calling the front desk to request a different room, but I knew we had gotten the last room they had available. I can’t fathom how businesses get by without providing suitable heating and cooling for their customers. Hotels especially should make an effort to ensure that guests are as comfortable as possible, right? Luckily, we only had to stay in this room for an evening. Our flight left the next morning, and we were ecstatic to be returning to our own house with a reliable and quiet a/c. I don’t know I will take this luxury for granted anymore!

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