Forgetting the heating service

I have enjoyed the cold weather for my entire life. I live on the seaside, which means I don’t see much cold weather these days. Water regulates the nearby temperatures, you see, so when it is cold in the surrounding areas, we usually get pretty lucky with mild temperatures. Well for the first time in almost one-hundred years, we had a sub-zero coldsnap hit our little town. I was astounded at how cold it was! So for the first time since moving in my home I went to turn on the gas furnace. Of course, I went to go turn on my furnace, and this is when I noticed it didn’t work. After years of just sitting around without being used once, the entire system was corroded and didn’t function at all. In retrospect, how could I not have checked this out sooner? But honestly, I’d just never needed to. So here I was, the coldest afternoon on record, with absolutely no way to get myself warm inside my house! I had a fire place but didn’t have any firewood, or even an axe to cut firewood. My fireplace, even if I had the wood, was just used as a storage space for random old stuff anyways. Instead of worrying about it, I turned on the heating system in my little car and drove into work, hoping that by the end of the day I would go back to not needing the gas furnace any more.

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