Getting the space heater set up

Yesterday, I began to get our dinner ready for that evening. I was going to cook it in my crock pot, which would take about four or five hours. I unwrapped the chicken breasts and went to the sink to wash them off.  But when I turned on the water faucet, nothing came out.  I knew instantly that it meant that the pipes had frozen yet again.  Our winter months have brutal freezing temperatures, and it was far from the first time that our pipes have frozen.  We’ve tried our best to eliminate the problem, but nothing seems to work. I wiped my hands off with the kitchen towel, then I washed my hands with hand sanitizer because of the raw chicken that they had touched. Next I grabbed the space heater, put on my coat, went outside and crawled under house to set the space heater up. This is the process that I endure every time that this happens. And even though it’s a pain, I have never regretted that we bought the space heating system as a “just in case” thing. It has already thawed out our pipes four times this year already!  After I had the heater all set up, I plugged it and turned in on. But to my shock it wasn’t producing any heat!!  I couldn’t believe this was happening!  I had raw chicken in the sink, the pipes were frozen, and the temperature and wind were absolutely freezing. I ended up having to go back inside to grab my hair dryer, then crawl under the house again in a second attempt to thaw out our pipes.  My next door neighbor was likely having a good laugh at the sight of me crawling under my house with a hair dryer.

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