HEPA filters in the lab

Math and science are all about precision, and I have always had a mind for both. My mother called me a picky child, but I knew that things simply needed to be done a certain way. Today, surprise, I work in a science lab. This is delicate task that requires precision. Have you heard the expression, “it isn’t an exact science”? Well, to me it is! At work, I have come to know the importance of a good HVAC system. The first reason is that it provides general comfort to everyone at work. If employees are too hot or cold, this can definitely affect their ability to do precise work. But setting temperature control aside for a moment, the Heating plus A/C system offers many other aspects to help us in the field of scientific study; First of all, by circulating the air through a series of air filters plus a powerful dehumidifier, the air quality in our lab is quite nearly perfect. Having a consistent indoor air quality helps for greater precision in our results. Being able to remove moisture or any unwanted particles in the air is what we aim to do, as it ensures that there are less variables for us to work with. The fewer variables the better, so I consistently make sure our central Heating plus A/C system is well tested, cleaned regularly, plus is consistently in perfect finally working condition.

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