Exams need a/c

I had to take my aunt for some recent medical tests and though I never actually liked the doctor’s offices to begin with, running around to several appointments just to find out what’s going on is particularly frustrating. I can handle a lot but my aunt is really sick, and she loses patience quickly if we’re forced to wait. She is of the frame of mind that if you have an appointment, you should be seen at that time, which seldom happens nowadays. I tried to explain that the appointments before hers may have been more complicated or there may have been an emergency that the doctor had to address. It doesn’t help at all that the temperature control in the offices is either too hot or too cold at each location.  I am not sure why the HVAC system in most medical offices are run so poorly. Just yesterday, while waiting for my aunt’s CT scan to start, I noticed that she was becoming rather flushed. They were using a dye to do the test and she could not even have water so I began to worry that she was becoming dehydrated. It was hot in the waiting section and I finally went to see what could be done. I was given the common brush off from the nurse I spoke to. He simply stated that they would be with us as soon as possible. I replied that if there was not a cooler area for her to wait, I was going to take her outside for a few moments. After all, if she had passed out from heat exhaustion they wouldn’t be able to do the test. What they actually need to take into consideration is the way people are feeling when they set the HVAC systems’ heating and cooling.

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