They could not agree on the HVAC

Recently, a wonderful buddy of mine was discussing with me about his recent divorce. I felt so awful for him because he almost lost everything including his son; however, the other thing he was truly fussing over amazed me just a little bit. He lost his new home to his ex-wife as well. He wasn’t so angry about the house, but the HVAC method it was equipped with was superb. He was telling me that he had been saving for years to purchase this nice HVAC system. He even had radiant heated flooring with a smart temperature control. He also had the HVAC method installed in zones so all the rooms in the location could be controlled individually and through his iPhone. He was so angry about that because it cost him such a sizable amount of money. He discuss how it was the perfect HVAC system, and it wasn’t right because he discovered that his fiance was cheating on him, and he had to go through this. He thought this life absolutely falling apart. I really didn’t know what to say except to hear him go on about the suffering he was going through with losing his kid and his HVAC system. I was just amazing that something like an HVAC method could mean so much to a person. It kind of made sense in a way because he did take a lot of time to purchase that system. I mostly felt bad about the people that would be affected by this. It was an absolute shame. If I ever decide to get married, I will make sure that this doesn’t happen to me!