Constant arguments higher HVAC bills

My son and his girlfriend recently moved in with my husband and I. they have been going through tough times since my son went to jail for six months. His girlfriend is pregnant with our first grandbaby, so we had no choice but to open our doors to them. They have been here for a few weeks and they argue all of the time. They are constantly screaming at each other, yelling the most terrible obscenities at each other. My husband and I have tried to keep out the arguments. When they start yelling loudly, we turn on the HVAC unit in our bedroom. My wife and I live in an addition, so we have our own mini-split HVAC unit. The mini-split HVAC unit is about five years old. It can be loud at times, which is good when the kids are fighting.  We turn on the HVAC unit to high, and adjust the volume of the television. Between the HVAC unit and our favorite shows, we can usually ignore most of the ruckus. Last night was the last straw, though, because the neighbors decided to call the police. My son and his girlfriend were screaming in the backyard, and our neighbors alerted the authorities. My husband and I were watching Scandal, when the police knocked on our door. We were quite surprised by the late call, and decided to put an end to the late night arguments. We tried to stay out of their fights, but now the behavior has affected our relationship with the neighborhood community. These two need to get along, or separate from each other.

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