How do we known our home is safe

It feels like I can’t turn on the news these days without encountering a story about a frightening new household hazard. Either everything on earth has become a danger to our health, or else the news channels are really capitalizing on the fear they can generate pitching these stories to the public. Everyone already knew that we needed to watch out for carbon monoxide poisoning and old dangers such as lead paint were still a threat in outdated buildings, but now I’m even hearing about frightening natural gases that can gather in your house. The agent in question is known as Radon, and according to CNN it is a silent threat to everyone in the world. These radioactive gas particles are emitted from the very ground we walk on, so there’s no way to eradicate the Radon gas from our environment. Apparently when naturally occurring uranium and isotope Radium-266 decay in hard rock deposits in the ground the process releases minute amounts of Radon as a by-product. Of course, most people know that exposure to even low levels of radiation over time has a highly mutagenic effect on your cellular biology, potentially causing your cells to become immortal and invasive, thus becoming cancerous. The concentrations of radioactive gas vary widely depending on the geological characteristics of the area, but most frighteningly, Radon can accumulate inside of commercial and residential buildings in close proximity to the uranium source. Now I’m afraid to go shopping at the mall, to work in my office building, or to relax my own home until I’ve purchased my Radon detection kit.

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