I am a farmer

My son Benny and I work on the farm. Benny and I grow plus farm a variety of vegetables. I’ve worked my whole life on our crops plus Benny and I have constantly done the harvesting by hand, then the whole harvesting afternoons consist of doing all day in the sweltering heat plus riding on our mowers while picking our vegetables. Since the family has had a large number of crops ever since my papa was around, Benny and I have hired numerous good workers to assist us in getting the crops. Last hot season while it was way too hot, Benny and I made the decision to go out plus started as if normal. Perhaps I’m getting too outdated but I was totally getting too heated. I eventually was done plus our workers called an ambulance to help myself and others out. All I can think on is getting into the air-conditioned area plus feeling the relief of the crisp air that was rushing over my whole body. I also remember that the car eventually did get too freezing from the air conditioning plus my own sweat felt just like ice. When I did beginning to come to it was when the I was being feel interested into the hospital plus without the air conditioning it felt awful. When I was inside the hospital the air conditioning was great, it wasn’t too freezing or hot. At last the medical professional told myself and others to stay in the air conditioning during the hot Summer.

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