I’m going to have the house tested

When I looked back at my young times so far, I think there’s almost nothing that will stop me from experiencing a natural demise. I will definitely encounter cancer at some point. I don’t mean to be a stick in the mud, but I’ve come in contact with so several known causes that I simply can’t imagine I’ll escape the terrible cancer disease. As if it isn’t awful enough that I was surrounded by a ton of 2nd hand cigarette smoke and picked up the nasty taste for it in my adolescence, I’ve also worked among highly toxic carcinogenic things at my biological research position for a long time. To make matters more horrible, it turns out that I used to reside on top of a natural Radon gas depository in my home! Just around 3 months ago the news report came out that a local survey crew had uncovered super high levels of harmful causes of uranium in the rockbed that held my outdated town, but sadly, as uranium decays in the ground it also releases a material known as Radon gas into the atmosphere. The ionic gas is highly toxic, meaning it can potentially cause cellular growth when living beings are exposed to Radon. So, the most usual result of the Radon exposure is believed to be lung cancer, and because the gas occurs on its own and cannot be detected without Radon test kits it’s hard to avoid. Apparently we were living with high levels Radon contamination for 15 years and had no clue about it.

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