I’ve done some work on the condo

My best friend Carlos and I are farmers. Carlos and I often grow in addition to cut a variety of plants. I’ve worked my whole life on my plant based site in addition to all of us have typically done the cutting by hand, but the crop getting afternoons consist of spending all day in the sweltering warm sun in addition to riding on our heavy machines while picking our crops. Since my Carlos and I have had a big number of fields ever since we have started, all of us have hired many workers to assist us in getting our fields done. Last summer season while it was way too hot, Carlos and I went out in addition to started like usual. Maybe I’m getting too aged in my day however I was totally getting too warm. I eventually dropped down in addition to my workers called my Carlos to help me out. All I can remember is jumping into the air-conditioned truck in addition to feeling the relief of the cool air that was rushing over my face. I also remember that the car eventually did get too cold from the AC in addition to my sweat felt like ice. When I did start to come to it was when the I was being pushed into the hospital in addition to without the AC it felt terrible. When I was indoors though, the hospital the AC was perfect, it wasn’t too freezing or hot. So the doctor told me to stay in the cooling during the sizzling summer season in addition to he said I had overheated in the sizzling times.

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