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My friends and I prefer to play games of holdem poker. Every one of us really try to play a tournament about every other weekend or so, whether it’s at condo or in the casino nearby. There are about 5 of us that normally play poker together during the week. When the local cigar bar had its grand opening celebration a few months ago, they held a poker tournament. The largest grand prize was a gift certificate for $250, only redeemable at the cigar bar. There was also a smaller prize of $100. They were going to readily pay out currency or gift certificates that night to at least the top four finishers.  When we got there at least fifty people were already registered to play for the free poker tournament. The bar was even giving out free macanudos and draft beers to the players. Many people were smoking cigars, but there was actually no foul smell in the air at that point. The bar had a unquestionably intricate Heating and Air Conditioning system in place. I talked with the owner a bit and she told me all about the Heating and Air Conditioning system they had installed. They had a specialty Heating and Air Conditioning system right away that included a custom air ventilation system, there too was an additional ventilation system connected that could be engaged. Then, on the occasion that the interior become too smoky, they could operate both. What a good idea for a potentially stinky place! It really made the poker tournament great for the non-smoker participants!

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Air quality with fish

My partner and I have always really loved the process of dining out. While the two of us both prefer to cook at home, it is always much easier to go out for supper now and then. Every one of us both work unquestionably long hours all throughout the day, so neither of us have time to take from our day and spend 2 hours preparing a wholesome and delicious meal. My partner and I have already frequented several of the diners in town. That’s why, when a new seafood diner opened right down the street, the two of us were incredibly happy to try their amazing lobster bisque. Lobster bisque has always been my dear partner’s number one type of dish, and the two of us try it pretty much whenever it is on the menu. Every one of us called and made a reservation for 7:30 p.m., and we even showed up right on time. The diner was busier than I had even anticipated, so I was glad that the two of us had thought ahead and made reservations. Every one of us were quickly seated at a booth near the front of the beautiful dner. Every one of us took off our heavy outer coats, and sat down to look at the menu. However, as soon as the two of us got comfortable, immediately I started to notice the fish smell in the air. Every one of us seemed to be seated right under an air vent, and it really smelled entirely bad. The ventilation system overhead did not seem to be laboring well, because I noted that most of the diners also smelled rotten fish. The overall air quality was pretty good, it seemed, so I didn’t want to complain about the ventilation system to the waiter. About halfway through our supper, however, the smells got much worse. At that point I asked the waiter to our table, and carefully explained the problems with the overhead air vent. She then offered to move us to a bizarre table way in back, which didn’t help much. The bisque was truly delicious, but the ventilation system will prevent us from returning.

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Wish they had better heating

My wifey plus I have been retired happily for the last few years, but then ever since the two of us first retired, the two of us have been residing a carefree existence as old men. Both of us still wake up genuinely late in the morning. I think we’ll never grow out of that, even as grown adults. During the week, we tend to go visit the local bookstore and browse the periodicals for several hours. This has been our routine for the past few years so far. Until Last year, everything was perfect with this routine. My dear old wifey plus I woke up to snow this morning, plus wildly un-even temperatures well below the normal chilly mark. When the two of us arrived to the root book shop, it was clear that the entire store’s heating proposal was having trouble. It was genuinely cold that day inside of the root book shop, so the two of us did not even bother to remove our coats. I could hear the Heating as well as A/C proposal chugging away, running overhead, but the heat wasn’t working well enough. In fact, there was no heat coming at all. I got up from the table, plus asked the manager to please go and adjust the Heating as well as A/C system. She agreed with me that it was quite cold inside, although she could not readily adjust the Heating as well as A/C settings. The current manager said that corporate controlled their indoor temperature. No person in the store could change the Heating as well as A/C settings themselves, separate from a special password.

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Heating issues in our office

My wifey plus I do not normally go out of our way to attend functions at her office, but she was definitely going to acquire an award this time. The party in question was last night, plus it was an awful occasion, in the end. The dinner was arranged to begin at 6:30 p.m., followed quickly  by an awards ceremony at 8 p.m. My wifey plus I carefully arrived shortly before the dinner service, plus found that the entire room was bustling with people. My wifey plus I carefully inspected our coats at the door, and at that moment it felt delightfully warm. Soon though, I made a comment about the oil furnace to our wifey, but quietly she told myself and others that I was just nervous and overheated. That made a lot of sense, because I had already honestly been dripping with sweat through our jacket and shirt. Both of us sat down at our assigned table next to one another, plus made small talk with a few of our fellow employees at the office. The dinner was actually quite delicious, which was a welcome surprise, to be sure. Our office had ordered from a local 5 Star Restaurant, plus they actually cut no corners and catered the entire event. Though dinner was yummy, I was starting to know much warmer as the evening progressed. It seemed like the oil furnace was working overtime with each passing moment, because the heating proposal seemed to run on high the entire time that the two of us ate. I kept waiting to hear the sound of the oil furnace shutting off, but it never seemed to happen. By the time in the night that our wifey was about to acquire her award, and that damn oil furnace was clearly affecting most of the people in the room. People were now openly using their napkins as a fan, plus most of the larger gentleman had removed their suit jackets plus ties, and right then, just as the ceremony was finishing up, I saw a fleet of heating repair vans pull up to the repair entrance. Like I said, I think there was a problem with the oil furnace after all.

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The furnace was on high

My best friend flew into town last week, and I could not wait to see him! I haven’t seen him in close to 10 years, so this was going to be fun. He called me up with this good surprise last year, and recommended we meet up for a nice dinner. I quickly agreed, and we picked a nice restaurant that we used to go to a lot. We met there, and were right away met with a rush of tepid hot air from the HVAC duct. Thee is a big air vent near the entrance, so we caught quite a big rush of heat when we first walked into the place. It felt nice, because it was cold out that evening. The novelty wore off after a moment though, as it felt like they had their furnace set to ninety degrees! Soon it became too much to handle, and I asked my hostess if there was any way they could turn down the HVAC system setting. You could tell that we weren’t the only ones that were too hot, as it seemed like everyone in the place was suffering from the extreme heat levels of the HVAC system. This was way too much, and was ruining my evening! The hostess said she would ask the owner about the heat setting, to which I thanked her and patiently waited for her response from the owner. Thankfully, the place cooled down within the next ten minutes, and we were able to carry on and enjoy my night!

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Should keep the HVAC unit going

I had a pretty interesting weekend a few weeks ago. My wife and I were invited to my friend’s apartment to watch the big football game, and like a nice barbecue. It was a fun time, but then their dog started getting sick. It seemed as if she couldn’t breathe! We had a similar problem with my cats in the past, and it turned out we had a big problem with my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system! my cats kept getting sick, and my vet advised that we have my HVAC system tested for mold. Mold has a tendency to grow inside of the HVAC duct, so we decided to call up a local HVAC system maintenance shop in order to check out my HVAC duct. While we were at it, we’d decided to get an estimate on a new HVAC system. my current system was almost 20 years old, so it was just about time to consider getting a new HVAC system. Systems don’t necessarily last more than 20 years, so it is critical to keep up with the age of my HVAC system! When the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C maintenance tech came out to my home, she found a substantial amount of mold growing inside of my HVAC duct. We had to get it professionally cleaned, but luckily it wasn’t too costly. we also decided to drop some cash on a nice, brand new forced air HVAC system. We had all the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system work done within 2 weeks!


Learning every aspect of the HVAC business

I was born into a wealthy family. From a very young age I was informed that I was a very fortunate child, and that I would not be growing up like the stereotypical rich kid. My parents had both struggled for years, and didn’t want me to have everything in life just handed to me. So while I definitely had a comfortable life with more advantages than most, I still had to work hard for what I had. I started my first part time job when I was fifteen, and have been working my way up the corporate ladder ever since. Since the family fortune came from a successful HVAC equipment supply chain, my first job was in the warehouse. I drove a forklift, and loaded furnaces and industrial sized air conditioning units off of, and onto, trucks. When I got older, I started riding in the trucks with the HVAC system delivery teams, where we would unload them and put them into place so the heating and cooling techs could finish the installation. I was not certified as an HVAC technician so there were certain jobs I could not do, but I did my best to learn everything else. One summer I secretly took some night classes to help me prepare for the HVAC certification test. I wanted to surprise my family and show the initiative they wanted to see and become a licensed HVAC technician without the help of anyone else. When I passed the test, I proudly showed my parents my HVAC repair certification. They were very proud, and put me right to work doing AC service calls.

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Dog lovers need air filters

I am a dog person, and to be honest with you I prefer the company of canines to that of humans. Dogs are loyal. If you treat them right, raise them and care for them, then they reward you with a lifetime of blindly loyal service. Dogs are not only protective, but incredibly intelligent and capable of helping their masters in any number of situations. Of course, I don’t keep dogs because of what they can do for me, I just love them. I am actually using dogs to make a keen point about something else. You see, much like a dog, your home HVAC system will reward you with a lifetime of exemplary service if you take proper care of them. Heating and cooling systems can enhance your life, make you more comfortable, and help reduce stress levels, just like dogs. They also require regular care and cleaning, when an air conditioner gets dirty and sick it can pollute the entire house. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so routine maintenance and service on your home HVAC system will ensure it has a long and healthy life. And when the HVAC system is healthy, that helps your own health, as well. The heightened air quality in your home helps your lungs and cardiovascular health. The climate control system will keep the air temperature at the perfect level for you. And in my case, if you have a lot of pets the air filters will remove all of the dander and allergens from the household.

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Why did I try to fix my own AC?

I always make the same mistake, trying to fix something when I shouldn’t, and then I make everything worse. My daughter had a problem with her drawing tablet, for example. The special electronic pen it came with was not working. I assumed the problem was that it needed batteries, so I tried to unscrew the end and replace them. It was stuck, so I twisted harder and harder until it finally came off. Only then did I realize it needed a charger and a USB port, and didn’t use batteries. So I just broke the thing open for nothing. True story! And because I am a dummy who doesn’t learn lessons, I went on to break my home AC system the very same week. Why did I try to fix my own air conditioner? Well, it seemed like a smart idea at the time, because I thought the thermostat just needed a little tweaking. My tweaking can be a little destructive, though, so my thermostat ended up in several very large shards of plastic on the hallway floor. After that the heating kicked on and simply would not turn off no matter what. My wife told me to just turn off the power to the furnace, but at that point I was feeling gun shy. After all, so far I had smashed the thermostat, but if I tried to turn the power off to shut down the central furnace, I might inflict even worse damage. All I can do now is hope the AC repair technician arrives on time to help us out.

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She never had AC in her house

It’s strange how your mood can influence your memory. Have you ever seen a movie while you were in a bad mood, and you totally hated it? And then at some time later you happen to see the movie again, only this time you aren’t depressed or angry. And then you realize the movie is actually good, and it was just your bad mood that made you dislike it in the first place? It has happened to me more than once, and not just with movies. That was just an example I think we can all relate to. For me, it was Grammy’s house, because the last time I went there it was summertime and she had no AC in her house. So my memory of the visit was terrible, but then I return there last week, and now it is winter so the lack of cooling didn’t matter at all. I had the best time! We sat next to the fireplace, burning logs and sipping beer and catching up on days gone by. The wood burning furnace is her only heating source for her little house, but I tell you it is powerful! She had never had an air conditioner in her whole life, not surprising for a lady who withstood the Great Depression. Later on in life she declined on getting an HVAC installed, because she felt it was a luxury, and that all she truly needed was a modest furnace for the winters, and a stiff breeze on a hot summer’s day. AC or not, I’m going back to visit her!