Local teens remodel basketball court

My friends and I used to play basketball every Saturday afternoon. There was a rec center located downtown, and they let all of the youth play basketball for free on Saturday afternoons. Most of us lived in apartments, so we had no basketball hoop at home. My friends and I practiced every Saturday for years. It paid off when we both received college scholarships for sports. I went to a state school for my bachelors degree, and I own a small bodega in town. My best friend graduated from law school and landed a job with one of the most prestigious law firms in the state. We both benefited from the rec center, so we were upset when we heard it was closing down. There was no money in the budget for much needed repairs, and the city didn’t want to help. My friend and I stepped in with a few thousand dollars to help with the renovations. The basketball court needed to be refinished, and the HVAC system was obliterated. Most of the HVAC ducting was full of rust and holes. When the bill for the HVAC repairs came in, we were way over budget. Thankfully, the HVAC contractor was touched by our cause. He donated all of his time for free and only charged us for the equipment and sales tax. When the center reopened, the new HVAC system worked really well. The new court was shiny and glossy, and it was great to see all of our hard work come to fruition. We saved the building from being demolished, and we helped the kids in the neighborhood.

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Dorm living is the pits because of the furnace

My friend and I were so happy to get accepted to the same college. The college was about six hours away from our hometown. We were from the country, but our college was located near the city. It was going to be a whole new world for us, and we were both excited. The college campus was near eleven different historic monuments or state parks. That gave us a lot of area to explore on the weekends. We decided to room together, and that was a good idea. Since we knew each other, a lot of arguments were out of the way. Our biggest issue came a few months after we moved to the campus. The weather outside was getting very cold, and the school turned on the furnace. My friend and I had the room located right next to the furnace. As soon as the furnace would turn on, the whole room would start to rock and rattle. The furnace sounded like it would crash through our bedroom wall. When we complained about the furnace, no one took us seriously. When the furnace was running during the entire day, neither one of us could study for mid-terms. The furnace was affecting my sleep schedule, my study schedule, and my friendship. My friend complained more than I did, and we were arguing constantly. We put up with the furnace for a whole year, before we could transfer to a new room. I moved to a brand new dormitory and lucked out with a pretty good roommate. We became friends quickly and lived together for the next three years.


Overtime and HVAC

I had a really good job that I absolutely loved with all of my precious little heart. I don’t know what I would do without my amazing and prolific place of employment. I even enjoyed working overtime. My work was a paradise of enjoyment and money making goodness. I was extremely lucky to have such an amazing job. I was working overtime last week, when all of a sudden we developed a very minor heating and cooling system issue at our office location. It was nothing too serious in regard to our heating and cooling system. It did, however, make us slightly uncomfortable. I was not very happy with this little heating and cooling system inconvenience, but there was nothing that I could really do. The Heating and cooling system at my office place was just something that was not in my area of control .My manager came into the main area of the office space to make this big announcement about the heating and cooling system. He was going to give us time off until the heating and cooling system was fixed. What made it even better, way that he was paying us for our time off! I couldn’t believe our tiny little stroke of amazing heating and cooling system related luck! I wish we would have more heating and cooling issues at work. I loved my job, but I loved paid time off even better! I was really happy about my heating and cooling system related vacation, but I really hoped they fixed the heating and cooling system at my place of work soon. I wanted to get back to work!

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Taking time off from work

A few months ago, I wanted to really challenge myself, so i decided to take a week-long camping vacation. I had never been camping for more than a weekend, so I wanted to extend the time and really force myself to give it my all that week. I know this isn’t everyone’s ideal vacation, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for many years. I think that I have gotten too cozy with my modern appliances along with technology, and I wanted to move away from all of that. I think that the most difficult thing the whole week was having to live without an HVAC system. I really enjoy keeping cool air blowing with me through the AC at all times, and this was not a method at all out in mother nature. I never realized how substantially my mood was altered by my thermostat until I’d to go all week without an air conditioner. Although, I think that the experience was great for me. When I came back, I put more thought into how much I was using my HVAC system. Today, I try my hardest to turn it off when I’m never home or when I do not need it. My week in nature was pretty awesome, and there were times when I was ready to give up and go stay in a motel. I’m glad that I walked it out because I learned good living skills and I really wondered how much I needed all of the luxuries that I use. I do believe everyone should do a trip similar to this at some point in their existence.HVAC system

Big move

I have recently decided that I am going to move to a southern region of the country. I have been living in the north and experiencing cold temperatures for long enough now. I am ready for year-round sunshine. I made the decision to move about three months ago and I finally found a place to live in my new city. I am very excited for the move and I hope that I can get used to the new warm temperatures quickly. I don’t want to regret my choice to move within the first couple of months. I have been living in this southern state for about a month and I have good news. I am really loving the warm air and sunshine. To my surprise I have gotten used to the humid air rather quickly and I have not seen a spike in my electric bill either. I know that constantly have the air conditioning running is a quick way to make your electric bill go through the roof. However, I have not felt the need to turn my air conditioner on just yet. I have two air conditioner window units in the house and they are working just fine to cool down my space. I hope that they continue to work even during the hot summer months. I guess that I will have to just wait and see. Worst case scenario, I will just turn on the air conditioning while I am at home and then make sure to turn off the HVAC system while I am gone.

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New roommate wanted

I think it is time for me to start looking for a new roommate. I have lived with the same girl for about three years now and everything has been going just fine. That was until about six months ago. I don’t really know what happened to my roommate but I feel like her whole personality has changed. The only thing I can think of is that she go a new boyfriend about the same time that she started to act different. I don’t have the courage to say anything to her because she has become so aggressive lately. She will lash out at anyone that disagrees with her. I know this from first hand experience because about a week ago she lashed out at me with me had a disagreement about the temperature of the thermostat. I like to keep the apartment thermostat set to around seventy-five degrees, that way the air conditioner isn’t constantly blowing but we are also comfortable. Well, my roommate like to set the thermostat to around sixty degrees. It feels like I am living in the arctic tundra with air conditioner blowing that much. I asked her if I could turned down the air conditioner and she unleashed a verbal assault on me. She starting cursing and throwing things towards me. It was so crazy because I have never seen anyone behave this way before. I told my sister about my roommate behavior and she suggested that I get out before things go any worse. I am currently looking for a new place to live and with a new roommate. Hopefully, things can only go up from here!

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We are hoping for the shower to work

My cousin became a plumber last year.  His plan is  to take over my uncle’s plumbing business.  My Uncle plans  to retire. My uncle Bob has been a master plumber for the last 30 years.   Bob is ready to get out of the plumbing business at this point. I would not be surprised if Uncle Bob retires at the end of this year. His plumbing business has grown over the years and earned a great reputation in  our town.  Everyone knows that Bob will do a good job for them.  Throughout the years, he has proven himself as a talented plumber who knows how to do the job right.  He charges fairly and handles everything from replacing a faucet, toilet, or shower to cleaning out drain lines, fixing water heaters and preventing leaks. He handles all types of plumbing concerns, and often figures out what is wrong before he even looks at it. If a client calls him and describes the concern that they are having with their plumbing, my uncle is usually able to diagnose the issue is before he even takes his service truck to their house! This has  earned him a reputation as a quick fix.  Plus, he charges people fairly, unlike some plumbers in town.  He does not take advantage of desperate people, even when  they are experiencing a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night.   A flooded basement or a sump pump that fails, can create huge properly damage.   A clogged drain an screw up the whole plumbing system. My uncle never over charges  people for emergency service.  He charges a flat rate, no matter what day of the year, or time of day.  Uncle Bob is a good plumber, too. I will be sorry when he retires, but I suppose he is ready focus on something other than pipe cleaning, toilet replacement, and leaky faucets!


Fighting for my volleyball players to get in the high school gym because of AC

I teach high school volleyball after school and I have to compete with the other sports for gym time. Basically every high school sport wants to be in the main gym directly after school. That is the prime time spot since you know you can get all the kids. Also the main gym is so much better than the middle school gym. The high school gym is larger with brand new floors. The sound system is great, all the equipment is right in the storage closest and this gym has air conditioning. The school could not afford to put AC in both gyms. So only the high school one has it. Of course, every sport wants to be in the big gym that has a cooling system. I have to literally fight to get at least one day a week in that space. My biggest rival is the wrestling coach. The wrestling coach apparently thinks that he deserves the big space with AC more. His reasoning is that they would have to drag all their wrestling mats down a hallway and into a new gym. Then they would have to drag them back. Also the guys slip right off of one another without any good AC. I get his points, I do. But I also think I have valid reasons for the good gym. My girls would have to take our net, posts, balls and knee pads to the other gym. Also being too hot means the ball slips right off of them. Same deal with wrestling. We need that AC system.

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We are seeking certifications

When your HVAC equipment breaks down or even needs service, you want a professional to handle it. The concern is, how do you tell if your HVAC professional is indeed a professional? There is more to HVAC than luck of the draw, however you can look for certain qualities with a HVAC company to guarantee you get a quality HVAC contractor! First, check out the website for an HVAC corporation. The website tells a lot about the HVAC provider plus what their goals are. Do they offer same day HVAC service? Are there servicemen friendly, timely, and scrub up after a task? Also check on the website for their certifications. You can see the rating with the Better Business Bureau with the corporation. Are the servicemen NATE certified? This certification means the HVAC contractors took classes and did in-field hours in the HVAC environment. Also the HVAC servicemen can get a specialty certification. This means they did extra course in boiler, heat pumps or even radiant heated floors. It is pressing to guess if your HVAC contractors have the expertise plus experience. Another way to check out an HVAC supplier is to look at online reviews. People review their HVAC task plus experience with the HVAC serviceman. It is worth a peek to see if they are good! Next, I would say to use word of mouth. Who is pretty much everyone in your neighborhood using? What HVAC supplier regularly gets suggested when you ask? There is a reason for that. Take your time to option out the best HVAC serviceman for your HVAC needs.

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Want a ductless mini split for my bedroom-not fair to everyone else

I have always wanted to put a ductless mini split within my bedroom. Right now I live with four other people and we use a central HVAC system. The whole home has to agree on one centralized temperature. We can barely pick out a movie or what to eat for dinner. Temperature control is a struggle for my family. My husband wants to run the AC all of the time. My mother is constantly trying to get our heater to turn on. My kids never want any sort of climate control all together. I really just want to have my own space with my own separate temperature control program. I could easily have this too with a ductless mini split. It is a simple wall mounted unit that can do both heating and cooling. All I would need to do is block off the ductwork to my bedroom. Then I would mount my ductless HVAC unit and new thermostat. That little HVAC unit would only be in charge of my room. It would be super nice to control if I want air conditioning or heating. I also would never have to hear anyone complain about my thermostat settings. One day I will have ductless HVAC in the house. The problem is that I can’t justify just getting myself a ductless mini split. I know my kids would want one and then my mother and husband. Then this goes into ductless multi split units with HVAC zone control. I just don’t have the money now to completely redo the HVAC in the home.

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