Indoor vs. outdoor temperatures

Dressing for this season of the year has been a struggle for me. Normally, I check the weather in the afternoon plus dress accordingly. As the temperatures have dropped, which is normal at this time of year, I have added more layers plus heavier materials to keep myself warm. Unfortunately, it seems that, as the temperatures outside have dropped, the thermostats indoor at my parents’ house have gone up and up! My parents used to keep their thermostat set at 65 degrees throughout the Spring, summer, and fall. I am always comfortable in their home. Now that the temperatures have dropped, however, they started setting their thermostat at 71, then 75, plus the last time I was over, the thermostat was set at 79! They have their heater running overtime. How in the world can I come up with a wintery outfit that can handle such sizzling indoor temperatures? Am I actually expected to strip off my layers and boots and socks every time I go into their house? I have begun to dread going over to other people’s houses in the winter season because everyone I know is doing this. I really prefer having distinct seasons, even in our home. If it is cold outside, I want to be able to put on some cozy socks plus pajamas plus cuddle up in a soft blanket in front of our fireplace, drinking a hot cocoa. What other time of year can you do this, if not in the midst of winter? I do not want to be in our Summer clothes, perspiring. Apparently, I am in the minority in this opinion. I know I will have to be a hermit until the Wintertime season passes!


New homeowners, big mistake!

When we got married last year, our guest were more than generous with the monetary gifts they gave us. We really felt blessed to have so many people come out to support our new lives together.  We put the money in the savings account to hopefully be able to put a down payment on a house within the year. We started looking slowly at properties that we could afford.  It had to be close to work for both of us, in a lower tax area, and we needed a fenced yard for our two puppies. We figured that anything else we could handle, such as cosmetic upgrades and such.  The opportunity arose to purchase one of my uncle’s homes as he was relocating.  He was willing to lower the asking price so that family could purchase the home and it met all of our most important needs.  We made a huge mistake in not hiring an inspector when buying the house.  After all, we were buying from family, what could go wrong?  After spending all of our savings on the down payment, painting, and some landscaping, we just found out the the HVAC system is shot.  The company that had serviced it for years told us that they had been telling my uncle to upgrade or replaced for several years. This, was a fact he failed to mention, when he sold us the house. My parents are really mad and have offered to loan us the money for the repairs.  The HVAC company said that they do offer financing so either way, we will be stuck making payments for the new system.  At least we can save money on our utility bills as the new one will be way more efficient.  Buyer beware – I never thought I needed it when dealing with family.

HVAC worker

HVAC troubles in paradise

This year for Christmas, my wife and I decided to take a vacation. Instead of buying presents for each other, we took the money and booked a tropical location. My wife and I had never been to this place before, and we were both excited to visit over the holidays. My wife and I are arrived on a Thursday afternoon, and the outdoor temperatures were soaring into the 80 degree Mark. When we left our home, it was only 42 degrees on the thermostat outside of our house. The tropical temperatures were going to be a huge change for us. My wife and I checked into our hotel, and made our way to our room. It was muggy and humid inside of the hotel, so we were ready to turn on the HVAC system. It was clear that we would be using the air conditioner while we were here. once we on packed our bags, I decided to turn on the A/C system. I wear HVAC unit had a dial thermostat, so I could only set the A/C system on high or low. There was no thermostat for us to choose an exact temperature. I’ve turned the A/C system to the lowest setting, and waited for the air conditioner to start working. When nothing seemed to happen, I turned the dial to the highest setting. The A/C system still did not work, and we started to get nervous. I got on the phone and called the front desk, so that I could explain the problems with our HVAC system. They were happy to move us to a bigger and better suite.

HVAC professional

Tv show for my wife

My wife has owned her own restaurant for the past decade. She is an amazing chef and a wonderful wife. A lot of our friends frequent the restaurant, and everyone gets excited to see what type of new recipe she has added to the menu. A few months ago, my wife tried out to be a contestant on a new show on the Food Network Channel. We were all excited for her try out. When my wife was chosen to be a contestant, we were all very happy for her Fortune. She was going to appear during the first episode, and I was invited to be a member of the studio audience. My wife looked very nervous, as she stood on that stage. When the lights went down, the HVAC system kicked on. The HVAC system was very loud, and they had to stop taping. I heard a few people discussing the loud HVAC system. The director wanted to stop taping until the HVAC system could be fixed. I have to admit, it was louder than I had anticipated. It was clear that there was a problem with the HVAC system. They halted taping for 90 minutes, while the crew frantically searched for an HVAC contractor. By the time that the HVAC contractor arrived to fix the problem, the studio Executives had shut down taping for the day. My wife had to come back the next morning and try again. I went to the studio with her, and this time there were no problems with the HVAC system. My wife spent half of the day trying out for the Food Network Channel.

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Have to remove air ducts since they are affecting my son’s asthma

Asthma and air ducts really don’t mix at all. I wish I would have realized how bad ductwork was for the air quality before I bought my home. I moved my son and I into a house with ductwork and it has been nothing but a problem. The ductwork always has dust in it. Then the HVAC unit turns on and the air flows through the dirty HVAC ducts. Then my son breathes in the dirty air quality and frequently will have an asthma attack. I have tried combating the dirty ductwork. I tried using a HVAC professional for ductwork cleaning. My son still had problems with the dust. I got an air purifier and installed it into the HVAC unit. I even got HEPA filters for the HVAC unit to further clean the air quality, that did not help. I think that the ductwork was not sealed properly. So as fast as my indoor air quality products were cleaning, the air ducts were getting dirty again. My next course of action is to get the air ducts removed. It is going to be a lot of work, money and energy. I will need to get a HVAC contractor in to do it. I also will have to get my son out of my house for the whole process. I can’t even imagine the dust flying about. After that, I will need to clean the entire home. Then I will need to buy a ductless HVAC unit for the house. I know I need to do these things, but I am dreading all the money and work it will be.

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Club night-never is any AC when we go out

I am a club girl through and through. I love forward to once a month going out with my girls to different clubs. We go from one ot the next dancing, drinking and flirting with single guys we find there. It is always the best night of my month. Because of that, I make quite a production out of that day. I always get a new outfit for the club. I then spend over an hour getting dressed, done up and prepared for the evening out. What is essential to this prep work is the air conditioning in my apartment. One thing you can count on is that the clubs will have no A/C. I will totally sweat through my outfit, my makeup needs to be waterproof and I will be a hot mess. So I enjoy as much AC as I can before I go out to the clubs. Usually the girls all come to my place and we pregame together. I crank up my air conditioner on high, we play drinking games and chat for a bit. Once we get a good buzz on we all say goodbye to the air conditioning and hit the town. It would make our night out way better if there was quality cooling in each club. But, I think being a hot mess is a part of our night out. The lack of AC, abundance of drinks and good company make for a sloppy evening. It is the one night of the month I let myself totally lose control and don’t care about the repercussions.

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Installing radiant floors

There are some things that I could not live without in my life. One of these things is rating for it. Radiant flooring brings my life so much joy. Radiant flooring basically means you have heated floors. Pipes run just below your floor and these pipes carry hot water. The hot water is what helps to regulate the heat on to the floor. Once your floor is warm the heat has to escape somewhere. So the air gets all of the heat that comes off of the floor. So it helps to or my house. This has been a savior during the winter time. I could never imagine living without radiant flooring these days. I do not know how I ever went without radiant flooring to be honest. If you are ever interested in installing radiant flooring all you would have to do is call your local HVAC company. They would help you to understand more about what it is like to install radiant flooring for your house. It would probably even come to your house and examine your house to make sure that you would be able to have radiant flooring within your home. Even if you are not sure that you want to purchase radiant flooring for your home they can do an estimate to see how much it would cost you to install it into your home. Either way reach out to your local HVAC company to decide what would be the best option for you. It is never a bad time to call your local HVAC company to inquire about installing an HVAC piece of equipment.

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Some HVAC systems never change

Recently we replaced our central air system. It is what we used to control our heating and cooling system. We had to replace it because it was constantly breaking for the exact same reasons. We did not know why it was happening but it just needed to go. We thought the best option was just to replace the entire system. Are HVAC technician even suggested it. So we replaced the entire HVAC system. However when we had the new system it seemed like we were having the exact same problems. We weren’t sure if it was how we were controlling it or using it. We actually had an HVAC technician give us our tutorial on how exactly to use the system. It seemed to work perfectly fine for him. But then when he left that day it seemed as if the next day it was acting up again. I was at a stance on what to do. I had no idea what we should do. We had just replace the entire HVAC system in our house. HVAC systems are not cheap to replace either. So I wanted to replace it with a newer different system would be far too much money for us to spend. I guess we were going to be stuck with this one HVAC system for the next 20 years until it would need to be replaced again. Unless we win the lottery and can forward to install a new HVAC system. Can you just imagine winning the lottery and being able to install any piece of HVAC equipment you could ever dream of.

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