New location and tumbling where I don’t have climate control anymore

I am a gymnast that has recently moved to a new state. I have a new apartment, new area to do my tumbling in and new people who gawk at me while doing it. In my old place I had a separate room that I converted into a gym. I had a ductless mini split air conditioner setup to cool the place off. I also custom ordered mats to fit over all of the floors. Every space had martI had high ceilings and the best AC money could buy. In my new place I am reduced to tumbling in the carport or in the lawn. My mats don’t fit right because they are weird sizes. Also the outdoor temperatures vary wildly. So sometimes it is too cold to tumble while other times the mats feel like lava. Most of all I miss that ductless mini split system. I want to have temperature control while I tumble. I am totally spoiled with having climate control the whole time. Now I either freeze to death or I am way too hot. I can’t exactly make the carport into my home gym too. I would not to make walls, insulate and get more HVAC equipment. My new place does have a lanai but it is too small, screened and the ceiling fan hangs too low. There is just no location that is conducive to tumbling. I might actually have to join a gym special for it that has quality HVAC equipment for the sport. I just hate the idea of paying for climate control and mat space.


Can’t live without heating-AC is a luxury

Hands down no question about it, I would rather go without AC than heating. This might be because I am from a cold climate. I live where in the Winter it gets to be -20. In the Summer the hottest day will be around 80 degrees. So really, I have never experienced truly hot weather. But, I just don’t see where it would be a hardship. Heating is totally necessary for survival. You literally will die if you are too cold. Your body can also be damaged from working too hard to keep you warm. You get sick easier and feel sluggish. Proper heating use in the Winter is a necessary survival tool. In my climate you have to have a heavy duty heater too. You can’t simply rely on radiators or a wood burning fireplace. You would freeze to death with that pathetic amount of heating. The people where I live use mainly boilers, radiant floors or multiple furnaces in there home. In the Summer nobody owns air conditioning. I don’t think I would even need AC too. I have gone on vacation, gotten sunburned and turned AC on. I thought it was nice, but totally unnecessary. Cooling is just a luxury that people have gotten to crave, like coffee. We really don’t need AC and if you were going to cut costs, that is the first place to go. Getting too hot can be dangerous too, but it is so easy to cool off. Find some shade, jump in a pool or simply enjoy the breeze outside. An easy fix to those problems.

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A Movie Can Make You Cold so Fix the Furnace

Last week we watched a movie about some people who were out on a big adventure into the northern wilderness. In the movie, it was very cold and it was also snowing. We noticed that as we were watching all of the people on screen as they were shivering and freezing in the cold, we also started shivering and freezing. We wondered at first if it was simply the power of suggestion that was making us feel cold, but then it really started to feel super cold in our living room. I actually even checked to see if one of the windows was open or broken. Our fireplace wasn’t in the same room as our television, unfortunately, so we couldn’t start the fireplace up to try and ward off the chill. It turns out that our electric furnace had completely stopped working around the same time that we had started watching the movie. Even though the thermostat was set at a very high temperature, the electric furnace just did not kick on. Therefore, we had no warm air blowing through our air ducts and warming up our house. Once I figured out that the electric furnace wasn’t actually working at all, I decided that we needed to call our local HVAC service maintenance technician to come out and do a heater repair for us. The HVAC company said that they could be out the very next day to do the furnace maintenance and that we could plan on getting warmed up very soon. We were glad to hear that because watching some people without heating on a movie is totally different from being those people in your own house without any heating!

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Freezing Temperatures and Menopause

I can’t be sure of it, but I think my wife may be going through early menopause. I would never say this out loud to her, of course. That could be grounds for divorce, the way her mood swings have been going lately! The main reason that I think it might be menopause is because of her body temperature issues. The woman is hot literally all the time. It’s like her body has turned into its own space heater or something. It’s the middle of winter and she is walking around our house in shorts and a tank top and she not only opens up the windows to let the heating out, she has even turned on the air conditioning at night! She says that our house feels like the inside of a furnace and she can’t take it! Meanwhile, I’m shivering over by our gas fireplace, just hoping to get a little bit of warmth and thinking about installing heated floors so at least my frozen feet can be warm. She is out of control. Our HVAC maintenance technician came over last week to do our routine furnace tune-up and when he walked into the house he thought the furnace was broken and in need of repair! I explained to him that it wasn’t really our gas furnace’s fault – or our thermostat’s fault either. I told him how my wife is driving me crazy with the frozen, air-conditioned temperatures in the house in the middle of winter. He laughed and shook his head and said his wife went through the same thing last year. When I asked him for some professional HVAC company advice, he sadly told me that the only thing that I could do was buy a heavier coat.

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In Need of a Gym-

There are times when I wish that I had a place to workout inside of my home. I don’t have a spare bedroom to keep any workout equipment, so when it’s either extremely hot or freezing cold outside, it’s difficult for me to stay in my fitness routine. This is why I am considering purchasing a gym membership. I do a lot of running in my exercise routine, and at a gym I could run in a climate controlled place. I would never have to worry about the weather because there would be a heater if it was cold out and an air conditioner for when it was hot outside. To me, that is a lifesaver. Anyone who’s ever tried to run in the snow or in the extreme heat knows how difficult it can be to get through even the shortest jog. A gym membership can sometimes be pricey, but I think that the monthly payment would be well worth it for my health. Heart disease runs on both sides of my family, and that’s why I’m so serious about staying in my routine. To me, the comfort of knowing that I can take off and go to the gym whenever I want to work out is really comforting. I know that I have to have an A/C and a heater on certain days is reassuring, and that’s why I know that I need to go ahead and buy one. Other fitness junkies must understand this! I’m going to get my jog in no matter what it takes, and that’s something that takes a good bit of planning.

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Sharing an Apartment

My best friend and I recently decided to get an apartment together. We live in a very expensive city, and rooming together is going to allow us the chance to save a lot of money. In a couple of years, I would like to be able to buy a house, so this is how I plan on doing it. The apartment is great, and we’ve really enjoyed it so far. The only problem has been that the A/C. A couple of days after we moved in we found that it was blowing warm air when it should have been cooling the place. Neither me nor my friend knew how to fix it, so we had to call the landlord to see if he could come and fix it. It took him a full day to make it out because he was backed up with repairs. When he finally came, he went straight to the air vent, and found that it was long overdue for a replacement. He replaced it with a new filter, and before long the A/C was blowing cool air again. I guess the excess dust and dirt was causing some issues with the HVAC unit. I was relieved to know that that was the only problem. If the HVAC unit had needed to be replaced we would have been much more uncomfortable while we waited for that to be repaired. Now, everything is just fine in our apartment, and I am already saving much more money than I was when I lived on my own. I think I have a great plan!

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Anniversary meal with poor HVAC

My wife and I planned for months what we wanted to do for our 5th anniversary.  We decided to have a small get together with friends on the weekend.  We wanted to celebrate with our old friends that we have kept in touch with since we were both in college.  We met when we were in school, actually, and my wife was a big help to me during our chemistry class.  She was a lot better at the subject than I was!  Anyway, before seeing our friends on the weekend, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant on Friday night.  The food is always excellent but that night, the climate control was having some problems. During the appetizers, I started to feel a little warm and my wife said she was getting a little uncomfortable, too.  Usually she is too cold when the air conditioning is blowing in restaurants, so I knew if she was beginning to overheat that there really was a problem.  I looked up toward the ceiling and noticed that the air vents had stopped blowing cool air onto the people eating in the dining area.  When we asked the server, she said the HVAC technician was in the back room working on it that minute.  Thankfully, the room started to cool down when we were half way through our meal and it was comfortable again when we were finishing up dessert.  Our weekend plans were wonderful, and nothing out of the ordinary happened when we visited and celebrated with our friends.  

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Passenger on a plane

Traveling is such a fun experience.  I don’t understand those that would rather sit home and watch TV that go outside and explore and have different experiences.  I have been to all 50 states in the United States, checked out most of Canada, traveled to South America, and have visited most of northern Europe.  I still have not been to any part of Africa, Asia, or Australia.  Part of the reason I have not traveled that far yet is because I get very uncomfortable in very long plane rides.  The HVAC conditions on planes is very uncomfortable, and it only gets compounded on longer, trans-continental flights.  The air is recycled and it’s not a good air conditioner on board the plane.  I suppose it keeps you from sweating a lot but it certainly isn’t refreshingly cool in the cabin. It is difficult for me to be stuck in the hot, stuffy air in the plane’s cabin for such a long period of time.  My sinuses are delicate and the pressures in the cabin usually makes my nose bleed, unfortunately. I end up embarrassing myself with a bloody nose and a headache all because of the cabin pressure in the plane!  Of course, once I get off the plane I’m very excited to look around the new cities and experience the cultures of the area and meet new people. Watching TV of these interesting places isn’t enough for me, and I will endure uncomfortable HVAC and plane rides to see more of the world!

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Heating is essential in this cold

My best friend and I were travelling throughout the mid east section of the country. We’d been wanting to make this trek for quite some time and we’d finally saved up enough cash for the trip. We were both elated over our journey and at last the day had arrived. We’d literally plotted out every point of our destination. From the first day to the last. We had the music, food, and every little detail ready to be executed. We hit the road and it was a wonderful first few hours. We finally got a couple states over and then the trip started reaching its first few hiccups. Right when we entered the snowy region, our heater completely went out on us. I didn’t think much of it at first. I simply turned it off, thinking the heating was just needing a break. After a while, I turned it back on. Still nothing. Uh oh. What was going on? Our heating was absolutely essential in this cold, snowy region of the country. We immediately stopped at the first car repair shop we could. We told them the problem and gave them the keys. We didn’t want this to dampen our amazing trip so we tried to stay positive. In the mean time, we stayed in the lobby and enjoyed their glorious heating inside. We talked to each other about how excited we were to finally get where we were going. It wasn’t long at all and the mechanic came back in with our keys. He smiled and said we’re good to go. A few workarounds and the heating was back up and running. We got back in the car and the heating was actually even better than before!

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Stickler when it comes to comfort

I have a lot of issues with certain aspects of buildings. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to my comfort but I think your comfort is something that should be taken very seriously. Far too many people are apathetic toward their comfort. I respect your opinion and desires as much as the next, but I like to feel well and I will take measures to achieve that certain level of comfort. For instance, I find some places are just too bright. Granted, my eyes are super sensitive to light. But I often have to sit in particular areas of rooms simply to counteract the extent of the lighting being brought into a room. Another major aspect I take great concern in is the air quality throughout a building. I will take significant steps in making sure I feel comfortable. Whether I need additional heating or additional cooling, I try to make it so. Sometimes it’s not possible but I try for it at the very least. I will of course dress accordingly but sometimes it does not matter. Another major aspect that far too few people care about is indoor air quality in general. I like there to be clean, breathable, fresh air. At my home I have a very nice air purification system that allows me to breathe comfortably and cleanly at all times. I’m a bit spoiled now that I’ve gotten used to it though. Either way, I love air purifiers and they are very important to my happiness and health. I recommend everyone to get one.

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