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I hate wearing winter jackets when I’m shopping in a store. They’re so bulky, so if it’s a warm enough winter day, and I can park close enough, usually I’ll remove it in the car and dart into the store, but that’s not possible when I go to the supermarket. That’s because the temperature is not customer-friendly.

With freezer cases and refrigerated foods lining three lines of the store, cold air is blowing everywhere. That’s never a problem in the summer, because when you’re coming in from the outdoors, you’re warm enough, but in the winter, there’s a battle going on between the heat and the cold and the heat is outmatched. I actually wonder if the supermarkets don’t even bother to adequately heat their stores, because they know customers will shop with their coats on. No one’s going to simply stop grocery shopping  because of this, so turning the thermostat up to 65 degrees is an unnecessary expense. So, I handle this by wearing my coat, but throwing it into the shopping cart for a few minutes when I’m too hot.

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Husband fails to schedule preventive maintenance for furnace and it quits

My husband, Sam and I have divided up the responsibilities around the house.  I handle buying the groceries, and he pays the utility bills. I take care of the yardwork and he does all of the upkeep on the swimming pool.  The furnace and central air conditioner are entirely his responsibility. He is supposed to replace the air filters every month, and schedule professional maintenance every fall and spring.  Last fall, he totally forgot to call the local HVAC contractor for service for the furnace. I reminded him several times, and he promised to take care of it. Although the furnace was never professionally cleaned or adjusted, it ran just fine all winter long.  This past fall, I once again reminded Sam to call up the HVAC contractor and set up a time for maintenance. He once again procrastinated, and the outside temperature dropped in late September. We got hit by a tremendous blizzard with tons of snow and temperatures below zero.  The furnace was forced to operate non stop for several weeks straight. I immediately noticed that the heating system was much louder than normal, and creating quite a bit of dust in the house. Sam started complaining about the cost of the monthly energy bills. Eventually, the furnace quit in the middle of the night.  The cost of repair was far higher than preventative maintenance, and we ended up paying for several replacement parts. I am convinced that this inconvenience and expense could have been avoided with annual upkeep. I am planning to take over the care of the HVAC systems to make sure this essential service gets done every year.


Forgot my jacket

Have you ever left home without your jacket, and then headed out somewhere with frigid air conditioning? This happened to me last week. I was headed off to a job interview, and I forgot my blazer. My stomach dropped. I do not think well when I am cold, and I knew that I would look so much less professional without that blazer. I was already worried about doing well in this interview, and now that my outfit was not what I had planned, I was even more nervous. When I arrived for the interview, I felt that the air conditioning was blasting. I felt even more nervous. The air conditioning seemed to prey on my nerves. Somehow, I had goosebumps, and I was also sweating! It made no sense. Before the interview started, I immediately apologized to the interviewer about my lack of a jacket. She, in return, apologized to me for the cold office! She stated that their HVAC had not been working properly, and that someone was due out that very day to work on the air conditioning unit. Having someone there later that day did nothing to help my interview though. I stumbled and stuttered my way throughout the whole thing. It was all my fault because I had forgotten my jacket! Of course, their air conditioning certainly had problems, but I did not want to blame the company. Oddly enough, just a few days later, I got the job! I was completely shocked. I guess that my unpreparedness for the air conditioning did not ruin my interview after all!

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How to sue someone

There are particular sides of law that make a ton of sense to me. I see where the people I was with and I need divorce barristers plus real estate barristers. Personal injury law services consistently has me a little baffled though. I suppose the reason is the range of personal injury services. Some of the things that fall under personal injury make absolute sense to have a barrister on. If you take medication that gives you heart problems or leads to difficulty having kids, there should be some compensation for this. If you buy a defective product that ends up injuring you, than legal action is required. Construction, auto accidents plus trucking accidents all make sense to use an attorney to solve the matter. Someone is seriously wronged in these cases plus you need a barrister to demand for your rights to be noticed. The one facet under personal injury that bothers me is slip plus fall. Slip plus fall is just ridiculous. Do the people I was with and I particularly need to seek legal help when the people I was with and I fall down? The people I was with and I have wet floor signs, caution it is sizzling signs plus all other indications everywhere. I think the people who qualify under slip plus fall are just looking for money. They fall at someone’s home, hurt themselves plus then want to be paid for it. How about be more careful? There is no need to get a barrister involved since you were not paying attention, however even if the fall was bad enough to seek medical treatment or take time off of work, do you particularly need money for it? Unless you were pushed or in a immense fight, I don’t see the need for a barrister.

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This works very well

Most consumers want to be thoughtful about the products they’ve been bringing into their home, especially when making a big purchase. This sort of outlook is especially prevalent with heating and additionally cooling equipment. For example, what should seem simpleinvesting in new furnace for your propertyis often a difficult decision for customers. There are so many options these days, it’s hard to choose! Because the heating and cooling industry is growing fast, you might feel as if every HVAC company in the region is offering a deal on their products. However, the best way to save a lot of money is by doing the right advance preparation. Two important considerations are doing your own research and finding a reputable HVAC contractor to do the installation. A good HVAC contractor ensures that your certified HVAC equipment is installed professionally and and correctly. You don’t always have to purchase the most expensive or fanciest models. Having a good HVAC contractor, along with doing your own research, will help you make the best investment in your HVAC purchase. A reliable contractor won’t try to convince you to buy a specific brand. You’ll make the best decision when your know  your own needs and do your own research!

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New puppy is finally working out for parents

About a month ago, my mom mentioned that she and my dad wanted to get a small dog. Their Labrador retriever had recently passed away, and my dad really wanted a companion dog to keep him company while he is at home alone during the day. I took it upon myself to find them a suitable dog. I scoured newspaper ads and local listings online until I found them an adorable, caramel-colored, curly-haired poodle. My parents named her Sybil. I was quite proud of myself for finding them such a cute dog. Unfortunately, the next day, my mom called to tell me that Sybil had gotten underneath their mobile home and ripped up a bunch of ductwork so she could feel the air conditioning! They ended up having to call out an HVAC company to repair the ductwork, and the HVAC repair ended up costing a couple hundred dollars. I was mortified, and I thought that, because of the HVAC repair, my parents were going to give away Sybil. They did not, however. I think her sweet nature and curly hair saved her! They started keeping an eye on her when she went outside so that she would not have a chance to rip up the ductwork. She has not messed with the HVAC again, and my parents now love her very much. The new ductwork has been installed and paid for, and they have forgive Sybil for messing up the original ductwork. Even after all of that trouble and expense and frustration, I guess she was a good choice, after all!

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Why we needed the upgrade

I grew up in a cabin where being handy was certainly valued.  Our parents believed in trying to do repairs on their own before calling in a professional to take on the work.  It saved us a lot of currency on extravagant repairs. On occasion this worked, however other times, it was genuinely horrible.  My siblings as well as I followed in their steps. We would always watch our parents do repairs as well as learn all about household maintenance.  When we were finally at the appropriate age, our parents purchased us little tool kits. Whenever our gas furnace would quit working on us, our dad took his toolkit out as well as got to work right away.  He refused to call a Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist. There were times when the repairs were easy. We would have heat within a matter of a few hours. Other times, it proved to be more difficult.  I remember times when we opted to go many nights without heat at all. I typically questioned our parents’ insistence to complete the repairs themselves. We went through this cycle for several years until our dad finally decided to call a Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation.  The worker was easily shocked to see how far gone our gas furnace was. He told us that he was totally surprised that it even lasted so long. This time, our dad had no option however but to update it. He had so many possibilities to choose from. We debated between radiant floors as well as a smart temperature control unit.  He ultimately chose to install radiant floors. It was a really nice update! It efficiently heated our entire property as well as kept us all toasty throughout the freezing winter season nights. We were so thankful because we never experienced the agony of a broken gas furnace anymore after that.

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Neighbor is a HVAC technician and constantly bothering me

I am the least friendly person on my street and I am proud of that title. I don’t like to make or have friends. Friends are a ton of work, constantly need favors and provide no benefit to you. I also like that I can go grocery shopping, take a walk or mow my lawn without anyone talking to me. I try to be as unfriendly as possible. The only person who has not realized my unfriendly ways is my neighbor Bob. Bob owns his own HVAC company. He does HVAC installation, HVAC tune ups and also common HVAC repairs. Bob is constantly coming over to the house and handing me a flyer for his HVAC business. I don’t even know if he is NATE certified or even rated by the BBB. I feel like Bob is just a guy with a toolbox that happens to know a lot about HVAC. All I know is that Bob is super annoying and is desperate to look at my heating and cooling equipment. I don’t support this behavior and he will never get his hands on my HVAC. I take the flyers and use them for scrap paper. Anytime he talks to me about his HVAC services I don’t ever respond. I tried at one point playing deaf, Bob saw right through me. I need to work on my strategy and get where he feels he can’t knock on my door anymore. I have thought about saying I don’t own any HVAC for religious reasons. Then maybe he would leave me alone.

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Designing the baby’s room

Just the other day, I had my kid at the doctor for her 7 year check up.  When the medical professional checked us in, she told us that the room we normally go to was down, so we would be in the room they reserve for infants instead.  I didn’t even think anything of it initially, however then when we strolled into the room, it felt so entirely hot. I immediately began to start dripping with sweat and my kid was protesting about the heat and asked to go to another room.  The medical professional apologized for the inconvenience and explained that each exam room has its own climate control setting and they keep the infant room turned up a little higher than the rest of the exam rooms. After the medical professional explained this, it does honestly make sense that they would keep the temperature a little higher for the room they reserve for infants.  When the infants go to the doctor, they are basically stripped down to their diapers so they need a little extra warmth. I suppose it is a truly smart thing they are doing with their oil furnace. I am quite sure that if I had an infant, I would be quite thankful for the extra heat in the room. After the medical professional was finally done explaining all of this to us, my kid was easily full of questions.  The medical professional was truly patient and answered all of her questions. She also explained to my 7 year old that people of different ages have various sensitivities to heat temperatures. She explained that the elderly are often more sensitive to the cold so they keep other rooms on the warmer side for their older patients also. Before the medical professional left the room, she told my kid that they were definitely lucky to have Heating and A/C equipment that allowed them to keep each exam room set to its own customized climate control because it is better for all the patients.furnace tune-up

Getting the heater repaired is on my list of things to do

I have a huge list of things to do that I need to finish this month. I need to apply for new jobs and load up my resume online. I need to file my taxes and find out how to pay quarterly taxes. I also need to have my heating system looked at.  My heater device has been making this horrible grinding noise for a solid week now. Any noises with your HVAC unit is not good. I can tell that the noise my furnace is making is really not good. I am thinking I have a small heater repair that will slowly turn into a larger heating repair with the excessive use. I should turn off the heater, call the heating business and wait until they look at it. The problem is that it is so cold out that I can’t get by without heating. I have to keep the heater on. Also, I have the heating business on my list of things to do. I just have been putting it off. I know they are going to want to come during business hours. So I will need to take off work to babysit. I really don’t want to do that. But, I have prioritized my list of things to do and this task is at the top. I can’t wait to look for new jobs and I still got time for the taxes. My heating system though, is getting worse and worse as time goes on. I just keep thinking that it might work itself out, or that I will eventually get a day where I won’t mind a heating repair.

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