Going without a/c

Have you ever heard the saying opposites attract? This may be true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that opposites are consistently compatible. When I met my boyfriend, we were so much alike that it was almost as if we were a mirror of one another. All of us still had plenty of differences however! For example, he was more prone to be freezing, whereas I was usually overheated. After a year of dating, we decided to move in together. It was in the midst of the Summer time so I just assumed the air conditioning would consistently be left on. On the other hand, my boyfriend had no such intentions in the least. I could compromise to leave the AC off in the morning plus open the windows, but the first night was truly difficult for me. He didn’t turn on the cooling appliance! I couldn’t sleep because I was tossing plus turning all night out of pure discomfort. I even sweated so much that the next morning my clothes plus hair were entirely wet and so were the bed plus blankets. I couldn’t understand how he slept like that! I asked him if we could turn on the air conditioning plus he agreed to go for it. I went to bed so glad plus comfortable that next night however I could really feel him shivering beside of me. I got him an extra blanket plus it seemed to be alright for him. It took a few nights for us to conclude what the thermostat should be set on so that we were able to be comfortable… Now that the weather is starting to cool down, I am curious to see how our temperature needs differ under those circumstances.

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