Unexpected HVAC work

I do a little bartending on the weekends for some extra cash. Just the other weekend, it was an interesting experience that I can easily remember. There was this guy that I have never seen before that walked on into our bar wearing cowboy boots. I probably wouldn’t have thought too much about it, but he was wearing the whole cowboy attire with the spurs, the hat and all. I wouldn’t have been shocked to see a horse outside of the bar. A little later, it started to become unbearably hot inside of the bar. I was thinking about calling a Heating plus Air Conditioning worker, however the cowboy said he knew a few things about fixing Heating plus Air Conditioning appliances. I was a little hesitant however then thought, what was the worst that could happen? So I showed the guy to the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance plus he was able to get it fixed in roughly 15 minutes. I was amazed plus he only used a few tools that we had on site! When I asked him what I could supply him with in return for fixing our Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance, he said it would be nice if I covered the cost of his meal. I was more than happy to pay for a easy meal than pay for a costly Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance repair. It was nice because our Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance worked great for the longest while after that encounter with that cowboy. The owner of the bar was legitimately in shock that I didn’t call for Heating plus Air Conditioning service! He thought the appliance was fixed by a professional. With the impressive task that the guy did, I figured he genuinely was some sort of professional HVAC worker.

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