What to do for heating

I am so tired of snow.  For someone who loves snowmobiling and skiing it’s a lot for me to say that. I think the main reason for my attitude this year is that we’ve never gotten enough snow to really enjoy those things and it goes from a light dusting to maybe an inch or two and then melts. The up and down temperatures this year are enough to make anybody crazy.  I almost hate the holiday that is this time of year. People depend upon a rodent to tell them if we are going to have an early Spring and to me that is ridiculous. The groundhog saw his shadow a couple of days ago, which according to tradition, means we have at least six more weeks left but the calendar will tell you the exact same thing. I am ready for some early Spring weather.  I want to be able to open up the windows and give the furnace a rest. I am sick of hearing the drone of the blower and my skin is so dry I hurts. I even spray the registers with water to try and get some moisture back into the air. Only two more months and I will be able to make all of that a reality. Until then, I must suffer through. Of course once the weather does break we typically have a few weeks of nothing but rain.  Maybe I should consider moving to a more moderate climate and then I wouldn’t have so many complaints. Then, I would only need space heaters and window air conditioners to make it through the year.

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