Apartment rentals

I own a couple homes and I rent them out to college students in the area. I only rent to upperclassmen and try to make sure they’re responsible people.  I do my part as a landlord and make sure the snow is cleared from the driveway in the wintertime and the lawns are taken care of in the summertime. I also watch that there is no debris or sticks and lawn vegetation near the air conditioning compressor in the backyard.  I try to tackle all the annual maintenance of all the homes in the summer so it’s an overall better experience for everyone. I’m one of the few landlords in the area who offers air conditioning and heating in my apartments. It’s not standard in apartments in the north east, but it is a very nice option to have when temperatures soar in the summertime and the humidity begins to be horrible.  Every summer I lean out the air vents and change the air filters within the system. I don’t allow smoking or pets in my apartments, but changing the air vents certainly does have a positive effect on the air quality of the rentals, even without smoke and pet dander to contend with. Because my rentals are so well taken care of, I am able to charge a little more than the average landlord. I try to put it right back into the rental units.  Next year I’m going to buy remote thermostats for all my rental homes. The remote system alerts me to any potential problems the HVAC system has and reminds me to perform the annual maintenance every year. I like being able to keep tabs on all my properties when I’m not physically in the neighborhood.

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