Develop personalized gear just like HVAC in your home

I’m a builder and creator by nature and I have always been an inquisitive person.  I like developing ideas into projects that benefit you in everyday life. What’s better than that?  Recently I was reevaluating my energy usage and realised I was spending way too much on my energy bills.  I found that I could take matters into my own hands to prevent such a drain on my wallet. I bought solar blocking windows to darken the rooms in the summertime and prevent heat from entering the house, and also invested in multi-pane windows so the home was more insulated against the hot weather outside.  I also realized that I wasted a lot of money with my preset thermometer settings, so I bought a remote thermostat. This device let’s me change the temperature of my house wherever I am from my smartphone or my laptop. Usually I have to stay late for work a few times a week and often I can’t plan which days I’ll have to stay longer in the office. This means more energy waste and more money down the worket.  Now, I can change the thermostat to the temperature I choose depending on when I get back home. I also have been more diligent in cleaning my air filters and my duct work. Having a clean HVAC system makes the entire heating and cooling system function better and last longer, giving you a longer lifespan on the components. I’m so glad I researched and investigated ways to save myself money, because not only to I benefit in my wallet, the changes I made make my life much more convenient.

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